News Release: James Vickery releases a new EP

>>South London’s very own James Vickery is taking over the British R&B scene by storm. Rapidly becoming the face of this widely cherished genre, Vickery continues to chart a path and leave his signature, soulful mark everywhere he goes. Known for his rich, full bodied tone, his sound has a raw, natural sustenance to it that continues to draw in new fans and keep already committed ones wanting more. Coupled by his ingenious, slick lyrics and savvy performances, his effortless runs and vocals carry a wholesome weight that adds an undeniable warmth to his music and style. Watching Vickery in his element, his performances are honest, leaving viewers craving more.

Continuing to grow in his musical endeavors and spread his influence, his highly anticipated EP drops today. Having recently released his new single “Spanish Rose” earlier this month, Vickery is dialed in as he continues to perform and create with this momentum. Having vast success with his other works, Vickery’s raw talent and artistry along with his widely popular COLORS session that went viral are all compelling accomplishments that have quickly caught the attention of many. Reaching out and expanding his fan base, as well as captivating an international audience, this recognition led Vickery to be acknowledged and signed by LA based TH3RD BRAIN Records and ROC Nation Publishing. Having worked with many popular music talents and forces such as Nate Fox, Kenny Beats, Pomo, NAO, Fred Ball, SG Lewis and more, Vickery’s portfolio and artistic presence is ever expanding. With a bright and promising music career ahead, music lovers across the globe look forward to more tunes from the young South Londoner.

Make sure to give James Vickery a follow and add him to your Spotify playlists and other streaming services. To view his massively viewed COLORS session as well as his LIVE performance from London of his song “Spanish Rose” click the links below.