Premiere: King20/20 - "Lounge Light II" Music Video

>>King 20/20 has consistently churned out beats and rhymes since 2018. His last drop was just a few months ago with a single track released on January 1. Here now is Lounge Lights 2 and in King 20/20 fashion it’s both beat-centric and melodic. His staccato rap is a machine gun snare drum, delicately written as another instrument to add to the infectious beat, this one adorned with horns and glistening from top notch production.

The video opens with a wide pan of downtown Rochester and we see him rubbing his face, his fingers gently massaging his eyes, as if he just woke up or maybe is tired of the lounge lights burning his retina. The horns usher you into the beat. It’s a soft and luxurious carpet for stiff meddling beats that grab your attention. It sounds like Detroit, a bit of Stones Throw in the late 90’s and the rap syntax is all Detroit too, Em, Royce, Proof, Obie. It’s catchy and witty all at once.

The song is a quick two minutes but there’s so much to unpack. There’s so many lyrics in those two minutes that it’s hard to keep up, your eyes trying to catch what he’s running from in the video at the same time your mind tries to contemplate every word that dances over the beat. “I’ve got mind enough to get you stuffed, that’s taxidermy for the flaccid fucks” sticks out just before the first chorus. The second verse is a little shorter than the first, which leads after the second chorus to a brief and sweeping melody.

There’s a sample that ties the song together and adds theme. It’s a bit haunting and at the end talks about death. King 20/20 is no longer running, but instead reaching up to the light, which he opens, and it’s empty. It’s just more soft light pouring down, leading to the last scene, him walking away into the darkness, the looming city darker as it fades to black. The video is well shot, well blended, and has an even color throughout.

It’s a captivating video with a quick-witted verbal assault and commanding beat. The production is spot on and the mixing is clear and radio friendly. There’s a lot of talent on this track perhaps waiting in the soft light, the lounge light, panning back and forth between the darkness, running from one thing to the next and waiting. The endless wait could soon be over, as it seems that King 20/20 and the mixers, producers and videographer are only just beginning to realize their talents and capitalize off each other. It will leave us all waiting to see what comes next.