Premiere: The Weight We Carry - "bite back"

>>If there has been a solitary consistency over the last decade in the heavy music scene in Rochester, NY it has to be The Weight We Carry. Since their first show at the now defunct Elixir in November of 2011 the band has continually pushed out quality material and played blistering chaotic live sets. Over the timespan of the band they have had some lineup changes and additions, but their ethos of representing the working and lower classes of American society has never been lost. A lot of heavier bands don’t have much to say about the unequal structures of the world they inhabit, yet The Weight We Carry has always outspokenly went against silence or political neutrality. Their new EP “Vol. 2” which serves as a sequel to last years “Vol. 1” continues the themes of feeling isolated, alienated, and exploited by those with economic and political power. The use of the term “Vol. 2” also denotes their second release with the lineup of vocalist Paul Cerquone, Guitarists Ralph Case and Nate Derby, Bassist Casy Diaz, and drummer Dean Milak. Floated Magazine is excited to drop their first single off “Vol. 2” coming out this Spring on Sore Ear Collective entitled “Bite Back”.

“Bite Back” is a ripper from the jump, taking no hesitation to get into a head banging groove featuring impactful gang vocals and finds Paul Cerquone sounding the best he has since taking over lead vocal duties on their last record. In describing the song to us he said “Bite Back is about feeling hopeless most the time. The feeling of doing everything you’ve been told you’re supposed to do like graduate, stay loyal to the company you work for, vote for the party your parents told you to, find a mate. Live up to your stereotype, fall in line, bite your tongue, and don’t rock the boat mentality”. Like many Americans, the song identifies with feeling unfulfilled and that your life path was drawn out for you before you were born. Despite boasting an idealistic American Dream where class ascension is obtained through hard work, inequality is beginning to mirror that of the Great Depression in the USA. With a blatant lack of economic and social mobility comes a lot of anger. At the 1:15 mark of the song the song transitions into a harsh breakdown stating, “You see a dog can only take so much, before it bites back”. The idea of a dog biting back illuminates the stark reality mass inequality can only last so much longer before vulnerable people begin to fight back. In continuation of their past work, The Weight We Carry continue to offer top tier straight forward hardcore music in addition to insight about working class frustrations and anxiety. Stream the track below and be on the lookout for their new EP dropping this spring on Sore Ear Collective! Cheers!

Photography by: Frankie Bonn