Artist Spotlight: Katie Burke of Dog Bites Back

>>I’m Katie Burke, the face behind the project ‘Dog Bites Back’. This is a personal collection of hand cut collages arranged from an assortment of thrifted books and magazines. The project itself is an exploration of how the mind processes the moments we experience in our life. It is a portrayal of how deeply we are able to feel and how capable we are to cope, grieve, mend and heal. For me, words have never come together in the correct way to express my emotions. Collaging is a way to release those feelings on to paper when words cannot. I put my art out into the word in hopes that someone will find solace in the pieces, or in the least bit, visual stimulation. As I continue to create, you can find my work on instragram @dogbitesback or purchase a copy of my upcoming zine. Thank you!