Floated's Favorite Tiny Desk Concerts

>>Tiny Desk Concerts started in 2014 after an NPR Music editor and friend complained about not being able to hear the music over a crowd in a bar. The facetious suggestion to just host shows at their desk was taken seriously and now just a few years, and thousands of annual submissions later, concerts at the Tiny Desk are still going strong. These short concerts are a great way to experience a musical artist in a more raw, stripped down way that really gets to the essence of their sound and their message - like how you’d feel if you were actually standing in front of them, seeing them live.

Tiny Desk Concerts 2020 Submission has been extended to April 27th

Chika, also known as Jane “Oranicuhh,” is a 23-year-old hip hop artist from Montgomery, Alabama though she rose to musical notoriety when she was just 19. Her music widely explores social and political issues of today, and it’s that boldness that has kept her fans coming back. She made her tiny desk debut just this past March 2020, performing her songs “Industry Games,” “Crown,” and others.

Mitski is a Japanese-American, indie rock singer-songwriter. Starting in music by publishing her albums on her own in 2012, she got her tiny desk debut in 2015, performing her songs “Townie,” “Class of 2013,” and “Last Words of a Shooting Star.” Though, listening to her song “Nobody” you just can’t help but to relate to it during these tough Covid-19 times.

Diet Cig, American indie rock duo from New Paltz had their tiny desk concert in 2017 (same year they visited us here in Rochester at the Bug Jar). Their high energy tiny desk performance showcased their punky, angsty sound through their songs “Tummy Ache,” “Sixteen,” and “Harvard.”

Moon Hooch is a Brooklyn-based trio of two saxophonists, and a drummer. Their sound experiments with pushing the limits of classical instruments to a more rock/techno sound. They’ve gone from playing on NYC subway station platforms to touring around the globe. So making a stop at NPR’s tiny desk in 2015 was bound to be another eccentric stop.

Gabriella Wilson, better known as H.E.R. actually rose to fame in 2009 after participating in Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing” at the age of 9. She came back in 2016 under the stage name “H.E.R.,” released a few EPs, and the rest was history. She performs songs “Going,” “Focus,” “A Hard Place,” and more during her 2019 tiny desk performance.

Tank and The Bangas is a Grammy nominated musical group from New Orleans, Louisiana. After unanimously winning the tiny desk contest and being selected to perform, they graced the stage (well, desk) with their funky, soulful, happy and whimsical vibes performing their songs “Boxes and Squares,” “Quick,” and others.

Superorganism is a large (8 people!) indie pop band from (mostly) London. After meeting each other via social media, chat rooms, and being fans of former music projects, they all came together in 2017 and released an LP a year later. Listen to their songs “The Prawn Song,” “Something for Your M.I.N.D.,” and “Night Time” during their 2018 tiny desk concert.

Red Baraat is also a large (8 member) band. They’re based in Brooklyn, NY and pull their sound influences from North Indian rhythms, hip hop, funk, and jazz.In their 2017 tiny desk performance, they dressed vibrantly and kept the performance high energy as they performed to celebrate the Hindu festival, Holi.

Idles is a British punk rock band. They’ve been making music together and touring all over the world since 2009. They got their Tiny Desk debut in 2019, and were not shy in being their punky, high energy selves. They performed “I’m Scum,” “Mercedes Marxist,” and “Never Fight a Man With a Perm.”

If you haven’t fallen in love with Anderson .Paak already, prepare to do so during his 2017 tiny desk performance with the Free Nationals. You can catch this multi-instrumentalist on the drums, singing some catchy, sassy, relatable tunes with soul and style.