Beautiful works of Madness: Inside the mind of collage artist J.J. Pelechaty

>>Collage art is a medium where creativity has no boundaries. Rochester’s own J.J. Pelechaty is the mastermind artist behind some of the wildest and mind-bending works of collage that you will see.

Pelechaty has been working with collage since she was a small child. “I was cutting paper before I could speak and was only cutting paper, so my mother was actually concerned because I was always just cutting things up.” At the young age of six, her first-grade teacher submitted a collage that she had done to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. J.J. jokes that this was the peak of her career at the age of only six years old. To this day, she still has that piece of artwork which depicts two folks staring out at fireworks bursting in the distance.

Artwork by: J.J. Pelechaty

she gave us some personal insight on how “working with collage is like taking your brain out of your head and like smushing it and adding glue with some pink cookies.” You could give ten people the same six pieces to work with and there will always be a different outcome. Continue Reading

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