News Release: Rochester Livestream Music Festival this Friday April 3rd to Sunday April 5th

>>Spring has finally begun to appear in the Rochester area, which is a usual call for gatherings in the community, but unfortunately, until further notice, all public events have been cancelled. With these cancellations comes the stark reality that no one is allowed to attend or host any publicly held music performances for the foreseeable future. Due to universal calls of social distancing in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, events spanning all the way to May, such as the annual Lilac Festival, have been postponed or cancelled in the Monroe County area. Fortunately, Rochester musicians and businesses have come together and found a way to continue our tradition of celebrating live music! Three Heads Brewing, Floated Magazine, Greenstream, Flour City Station, Lovin’ Cup, and Abilene Bar and Lounge are all proud to sponsor a livestreaming music event taking place this Friday April 3rd through Sunday April 5th featuring over 40 talented and unique musicians from the Rochester area. They will be performing directly from their own homes on a livestream that you also can watch directly from the safety of your home.

Artists performing include Eli Flynn from legendary reggae act Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, harp playing sensation Mikaela Davis, soul artist Danielle Ponder, and Sam Snyder from psychedelic rockers Maybird, among countless others! There will be live music going on nonstop all day for nearly 12 hours all weekend. Tune in at any time to unwind, dance in your living room or bedroom, discover new artists, listen to some of your favorites, and forget about the outside world for a little bit. Join us and remind yourself there are countless people going through the same complex emotions and we need each other now more than ever to get by. Livestreams have become a crucial component to encouraging optimism and unity through these unprecedented tough times, notably in the music community. We hope you can join us this weekend and can view the complete lineup and set times below.


12:00pm Brian MacDonald from the Honey Smugglers

12:30pm Ben Sheridan

1:30pm Siena 2:00pm Camp Roc Star 2:30pm Ben Rossi & Jackson Rick 3:00pm Max Flansburg from Dirty Blanket 3:30pm Matt Stephens from Dial up 4:00pm Don Christiano & Rita Coulter 4:30pm Fran Broderick from Left-Handed Second Baseman 5:00pm Big Logic & The Truth Serum 6:00pm Corey Owens Cooking Show 7:00pm Teagan Ward & Katy Wright from Teagan & the Tweeds 8:00pm Eli Flynn from Giant Panda Guerrlla Dub Squad 9:00pm Mikaela Davis 10:00pm Seth Faergolzia 11:00pm Collin Jones/Stereo Nest 12:00am Logan McKinney SATURDAY APRIL 4th 11:00am Ayla Huff

11:30am Josh Pincus 12:00pm Benton Sillick of Anamon 12:30pm Charlie Lindner 1:00pm Jackson Cavalier 1:30pm Adrien D'Angelo 2:00pm Camp Roc Star 2:30pm Jimmie Highsmith 3:00pm Aaron Lipp 4:00pm Mike Deiure 4:30pm Neil Van Dorn Trio 5:00pm Brandon Sheffer from Mochester, Honey & Vinegar 5:30pm Chris English 6:00pm Mike Gladstone from Junkyard Fieldtrip 6:30pm Pete Griffith 7:00pm Kurt Johnson of The Moho Collective 8:00pm Danielle Ponder 9:00pm Alex Cote 10:00pm Brendon Caroselli 11:00pm HIP-HOP Encore Artist Features SUNDAY APRIL 5th 11:00am Ken Luk

11:30am Sam Kaiser 12:00pm Josh Massicot 12:30pm Tom Mahoney 1:00pm Sarah Eide 1:30pm Ken Columbo 2:00pm Camp Roc Star 2:30pm Herb Heins 3:00pm Mike Edwards 3:30pm Mike Muscarella of Violet Mary 4:00pm Adrien D'Angelo 4:30pm Charles Miller 5:00pm Josh Netsky of Maybird 5:30pm Aaron Rizzo 6:00pm Eric Carlin 7:00pm Amy Montrois and Jon Sheffer 8:00pm Ray Mahar from a Girl Named Genny 9:00pm Alan Murphy of The Mighty High and Dry 10:00pm Sam Snyder from Maybird, OHS 11:00pm HIP-HOP Encore Artist Features