Premiere: Hundred Plus Club new EP-“Need Boost”

>>With the strange times currently taking place across the world, and notably in the United States, with millions of people either not working or working from home it can be easy to lose track of the days as the weekend has widely lost its former symbolism of freedom. Luckily, Fridays often still boast one imperative need in trying times: new music. Today Floated is blessed to premiere the new 2 song miniature EP entitled “Need Boost” from Buffalo New York Indie/Alternative rockers Hundred Plus Club. Their first new release in nearly three years the quartet are back with two new rocking singles “Inside A Dream” and “I Want Better”.

The first single “Inside A Dream” immediately begins rocking off the jump with vocalist Zain singing about falling apart again and into pieces. The definitively North Eastern sounding lower voice of Zain reminds me of a mix between indie superstar Interpol’s Paul Banks and underrated early 2010’s emo outfit Transit’s Joe Boynton. His voice slides perfectly across the alternative rock canvas the band paints. One of the strongest components of this mini EP and notably this song is their ability to build good pre-choruses and tension throughout the track to keep listeners engaged. Through the four minutes of the song the band never loses focus or intensity. The second track “I Want Better” finds the guitars promptly come crashing in and into a solid thumping groove that doesn’t let up. Zain admits to a superficial lover his dissatisfaction “You want me, but I want better, how many times, I’ve been awake all night”. The track clocks in at just three minutes and provides a solid alternative rock anthem and hopefully we’ll hear more from Hundred Plus Club sooner than later. Cheers to the weekend and stream their new EP below!