Premiere: Ryan Sutherland New Single - "Gideon's Bible"

>>Rochester based Blues/Rock Artist Ryan Sutherland drops a new unquestionably fun song entitled “Gideon’s Bible” off his new self-titled EP coming out this Friday.

In 1994 author/poet/musician Jim Carrol crafted the elegiac poem “8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain” in response to the iconic front man taking his own life with a shotgun in Seattle that year. The poem pays tribute to Cobain (and was recorded into song 4 years later), but also acknowledges the pain and frustrations that come with being an acclaimed artist dealing with heavy drug use/alienation. Rochester based Blues/Rock artist, Ryan Sutherland, has a new single called “Gideon’s Bible” off his self-titled EP coming out this Friday April 8th, 2020 and the lyrics are noted to be inspired by this poem. This is Sutherland’s first release in 2020 and his first since Sleepwalker which came out in December of 2018.

“Gideon’s Bible” which features a one-man band performance by Sutherland playing guitar, doing vocals, as well playing foot drums is an exciting and fun track which delves into multiple genres such as blues, rock n’ roll, and even some hints of outlaw country. You can’t help but to feel like you’re in the Wild West after drinking a flask of bootlegged liquor and ready to commit some form of crime while listening to this track. The song begins with Sutherland speaking about changing his ways after of course, finishing his whiskey and cigarette. The music features a stop and start pattern that give the track a vibrant energy as the pace/groove consistently changes and the recording, mixing, and mastering by Eric Pinales helps give the song a notable professional feel. Lyrics later in the song feature Cobain-esque skepticism, questioning who killed billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in prison as well as conspiracies relating to attacks on the World Trade Center building on 9/11. “Gideon’s Bible” is an objectively thrilling ride and you can stream it on this page. Be on the lookout for Ryan Sutherland’s new self-titled EP coming out this Friday!