Premiere: Boy Jr. Ft. DenzelWorldPeace -"DWBYF Girlfriend"

>>Boy Jr.’s latest single, D.W.B.Y.F. Girlfriend, a collaboration with Denzelworldpeace, and is a slightly darker turn from the flailing arm pop of before. Boy Jr. matures in this track, edging away from being “Awake” and towards being woke. There’s something different in her low register, something a bit deviant, as if they found the secret and has yet to tell anyone the truth about it. Maybe they have solved a problem and this song, smothered in confidence and rife with sexual undertones is a clue to what’s about to come.

The production is slick, but that’s normal for her tracks, even going back as far as her 2015 release. There’s not much to glean as to who’s consistently behind the boards but one would imagine it’s her, a guitar playing, singing, drum programming, song writer with a knack for leveling out tones. If this is DIY than it’s enigmatic, as if Boy Jr. is a team of people in studio garage someplace instead of a one woman show. And maybe that is the secret, but we’ll never know. If there are other acts in western NY that feel and sound the same than the suggestion of calling up to make Boy Jr. the producer for the next effort might be the best thing that has yet to happen.

Denzelworldpeace adds a metallic sheen to the sound, elevating Boy Jr.’s deeper register and supporting it with languid fluid beats. It’s an excellent collaboration that yields to the sound of the guitar, without burying the beat or the bass. The layered vocals and electronic percussive overtures are Denzelworldpeace’s sound, and somehow both of their sounds are apparent without one being stronger than the other. A marriage of sounds this good could only get better with time and the output leads one to believe that this isn’t just a one and done.

“I don’t wanna be your fucking girlfriend I don’t wanna. I can’t commit to you. Just wanna little extra fun attention every other week or two”, is vulnerable honesty and well cadenced chorus within the beat and guitar line. The falsetto intertwined with lower notes harmonizes with the bass line and creates a juxtaposition that makes your ears perk. It’s a bit anthemic really without the drippy sick pop of modern radio. It still belongs on the alternative rock and college stations, but could easily be played nationwide, it’s tone and mix already perfect for FM radio waves. This track sounds good on computer speakers, headphones, and good stereo speakers and that’s difficult to come by.

This is not yet the apex of Boy Jr. by any stretch of the imagination. The trajectory is still rising and at this point has begun soaring. This track is maturity, craft, innovation, and collaboration all in one. Surround yourself with those who are just as multi-talented as you and the world becomes your oyster, your frozen piece of time, your hand spun rock, ready to shine, and be worn by everyone.