New Music Radar — New Sounds, New Ventures

>>With so much music that was released throughout the week, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what to listen to. But we managed to string up a list of some of the best releases to make things easier for you. From Ed O’Brien’s debut solo project to Fiona Apple’s exhilarating return, here are some of the highlights of the best new music this week.

EOB — 'Earth' [Capitol Records]

For the past decades, Ed O’Brien has been known for his heavy and poignant soundscapes and creative guitar work alongside Jonny Greenwood’s guitar stabs in Radiohead. And now O’Brien is bringing that signature style to his brand new solo venture EOB. O’Brien’s first solo album, 'Earth,' shows him at the top of his game, especially on the glimmery and punchy opening track “Shangri-La.” O’Brien’s falsetto even shines comparably well to Thom Yorke’s on the track. And then there’s the thumping and eight-minute epic “Brasil” that was influenced after O’Brien and his family moved to a remote village in Brazil . All in all, this is a great debut album that certainly lives up to its hype, like many Radiohead solo albums do.

Stream the new album here.

Roses & Revolutions — 'Under the Spell' [Nettwerk Records]

The Rochester-based indie pop duo Roses & Revolutions have finally released their fairytale-inspired and second EP 'Under the Spell.' Led by frontwoman Alysa Coco and longtime collaborator Matt Merritt, R&R capture a sight of fantasy that expresses feelings that sound so raw and real, especially coming from Coco’s dreamy narrative and signature vocals. In a statement, Coco said “Under the Spell’ is a collection of emotions experienced over the past year. A mix of anxiety, identity crisis, paranoia, false hope, and everything in between rolled into a batch of songs. We’re very visual people and thought having some illustrations to help us tell our stories would be an interesting way to express these emotions in a sort of fairytale-like manner.”

Stream the new EP here.

Fiona Apple — 'Fetch the Bolt Cutters' [Epic Records]

Fiona Apple is back with her first album in eight years and critics and fans are already declaring it as the album of the year. Apple’s fifth album 'Fetch the Bolt Cutters' was entirely recorded in Apple’s home studio and finds the singer-songwriter expressing complex feelings dealing with sexual assault and internalized misogyny in compositions that feel so unconvetional and unbound, but create a rare intimacy that’s so beautiful and timely. And damn can she write a refrain that never gets old — “Kick me under the table all you want (I would beg to disagree) / I won't shut up, I won't shut up (But begging disagrees with me).” Pitchfork got it right this time. 'Fetch the Bolt Cutters' really is “an unyielding masterpiece.”

Stream the new album here.

Westside Gunn — 'Pray for Paris' [Griselda Records]

After releasing the gritty and fantastic 'WWCD' with the hip hop group Griselda, Buffalo native rapper Westiside Gunn takes that same ruthless ‘90s East-Coast rap aesthetic to his latest solo release 'Pray for Paris.' The new LP is loaded with multiple guest appearances from his fellow Griselda family Benny the Butcher and Conway the Machine to even big names like Tyler, The Creator and Freddie Gibbs. Still distinguishing himself from the mainstream rap scene, Gunn made the mainstream come to him and his latest is one of his most memorable projects yet.

Stream the new album here.

Jam ‘n’ Slate — 'Is There Room in the Story For Us' [4th Division Records]

The San Diego-based genre-defying indie rock band Jam ‘n’ Slate take listeners on another sprawling psychedelic thrill ride on their latest LP 'Is There Room in the Story For Us.' This one certainly feels as if the band is aiming at a more focused and mature style, while still encompassing their neo-psych and space rock style that sounds like something straight out of the Australia psych scene. From the personal psych-pop swirls on “Time Passes, People Move” to the hypnotic psych-folk warmth on the Flaming Lips-esque “Softest Bullet,” Jam ‘n’ Slate’s latest is as rich as it is spiritual.

Stream the new album here.

Courier Club — 'Drive Like Your Kids Live Here' [Self-Released]

After releasing a few one-off singles over the last couple years, the frenetic Philly dance-punk band Courier Club have finally released their debut EP 'Drive Like Your Kids Live Here' and it's strikingly good. The EP is jam-packed with tight post-punk instrumentals that are layered with blasts of distortion and effects, all underlying frontman Timothy Waldron’s energetic and explosive vocals.

Stream the new EP here.

Shabazz Palaces — 'The Don of Diamond Dreams' [Sub Pop Records]

After releasing a pair of albums back in 2017, the alternative hip hop duo Shabazz Palaces are back with their latest album 'The Don of Diamond Dreams.' The new album is built around a sci-fi concept that observes a fictionalized America from a distant planet. It’s also the duo’s most funkiest and expansive album to date, with highlights including the freewheeling and cosmic-grooving “Wet” and woozy synthetic “Chocolate Souffle.”

Stream the new album here.

Car Seat Headrest — “Hollywood” [Matador Records]

We are just weeks away from the release of 'Making A Door Less Open,' Car Seat Headrest’s first collection of new songs since 2016’s masterful 'Teens of Denial.' The band has been working on the songs since 2014, figuring out how to reinvent their sound. And judging from the earlier singles, the time in the studio has been well spent — even if the new concept is polarizing to some fans. The latest single “Hollywood” has three different versions (original, acoustic and the radio mix) and drummer Andrew Katz even contributes some vocals in a Bob Nastanovich way. Half-cynical, half ironic, “Hollywood” is built around a grooving alt-rock riff that underlie the monotonous spoken-word parts, both reminiscent of Toledo's first project Nervous Young Men. Also, the satirical Car Seat Headrest side project 1 Trait Danger previewed the song at one of their shows back in February.

Stream the latest single here.

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