KING BUFFALO: the band that formed from ashes

>>King Buffalo is pieced together from past Rochester based bands who bring a unique take on psychedelic rock and transport you into the depths of space with their blankets of fuzz and ambient tones. With inspiration that spans from Rage Against the Machine to other wide range artists such as All Them Witches and Naxatras, it is easy to see how this trio can blend elements to push the barriers of this ever-expanding genre. We had the chance to talk to front man and lead guitarist Sean McVay about what is going on in the world of King Buffalo and what the trio has planned this year.

Sean explains that their previous creative process had been“…with the three of us just jamming and we’ll just jam for a few hours then I’ll take the rough recordings and go through it all to piece together new tracks.” This free-formed creativity left listeners with euphoric and natural sounding music. However, a new process was needed in order to grow in the way that they wanted. Sean explains, “On this record we did things a little different, we went with a more traditional approach this time around.” The group has utilized a family friend to help with recording all of their albums and currently practices at the popular venue The Main Street Armory. The guys have appreciated this spot’s natural reverb and have experimented by placing mics in different spots to capture otherworldly sounds generated by the building’s infrastructure. When it comes to creating those sounds for new tracks, Sean explains that

“Sonically we have all these pedals and synths, these instruments and we just kind of play with them until we come up with stuff that we find fun and interesting but then lyrically it’s either pulled from life experiences or political climate, and stuff like that.”

Contrary to the stereotype of rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s, touring is nothing like what people may expect. Sean explains that “you’re traveling around in a van, lots of truck stops, lots of Walmart parking lots.” It’s hard to live the rock and roll lifestyle and still put on good show because nobody wants to pay good money for a band to show up drunk and make a fool of themselves. Sometimes the road can help artists to find themselves, and as a growing band, King Buffalo really learned to push the boundaries of their comfort zone while they were on the road. Continue Reading