Premiere: The Dirty Pennies latest single "I'm Your Man"

>>The Dirty Pennies have carved themselves into the totem pole of rock and roll in Rochester. If the Bug Jar made a noise it would sound exactly like the grunge filled overdriven blues fuzz of The Dirty Pennies guitar. It’s punchy and laid back, it’s blues and metal, it’s a strange combination of things that makes them uniquely fit into a plenty of sub genres. I’m Your Man follows that same path, a gritty, lager filled, one corner of your mouth grin that remains in your face while showing you what’s behind it.

This is a garage rock at its best, timeless sounds emanating from behind the house, the classic band in the basement that everyone on the block knows about. It’s a tough sound, fighting music, and you can hear the political undertones in each breath. I’m Your Man is a punching match in a phone booth and it’s hard to determine who wins. Just a bloodied mess of division and anger, a look into what our country looks like right now, and maybe what the world looks like from outer space.

The drums are big and loud on this track and expertly mixed. There’s a reminiscence of Dave Grohl’s kit sound from In Utero, large and booming, but with precision on the cymbals, a way to hear everything equally, without giving up the foot stomping, sweat on the brow feel. It’s crunchy and vibrant and a real driving force behind the track, timed up with a thick bassline, it makes for a good windows down, cruising around the city track.

At the two-minute mark, a guitar solo takes the stage to act as the bridge, a change up from the chorus to showcase a little musical prowess and give it a psychedelic blues feel and that’s what The Dirty Pennies are; a psychedelic blues band that came from the garage down the street. They have a boy next door charm with the punch and kick of your older brother. They’re not here to cause any harm, but they could, and the threat is enough to make you stop and listen.

There’s more to come from this band. This is only the start of the summer and the start of some new music by a group that is only beginning to reach their peak. I’m Your Man leaves you thirsty for more, to see where the next track goes, to see when things go back to whatever the new normal is going to be. When life resumes at its regular pace, that punching match in the phone booth will still be there, even if it’s hard to watch, you can’t look away. The Dirty Pennies are here to point this out and make it even harder to look away.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Wicked Squid Studios - Rochester, NY Engineered by Josh Pettinger Mixed & Mastered by Gregory Thompson Artwork by Doug Kelley (logo by Mike Turzanski) All Songs Written by The Dirty Pennies Produced by The Dirty Pennies & Josh Pettinger