New Music Friday - Quarantine tunes for cozy moods

L – Laveda

Hailing from Albany NY, Laveda brings us a new song in anticipation of their first album ‘What happens After’. L features the duo’s signature duet style vocals weaved into shoegazey, ethereal guitar riffs and a deep, weighty bass track that all weave together like the strands on a double helix. They describe the track to “be more about what it makes you feel, rather than having an actual meaning. I wanted to reflect my generation’s approach to love, one where sex is scarily available… and it’s cooler to not give a shit then actually be vulnerable.” Laveda’s debut album is slated to release on May 29th

The Salty Song (Erotic Nightmare Summer) – Carpool

This single from local heroes Carpool is angsty, energetic and full of emotion. Dealing with the aftermath of a breakup is never easy, and The Salty Song describes all the things we say – or wish we didn’t say – in the wake of a tough brake up. Carpool’s punchy percussion is complimented by high-energy guitar riffs and pop-punk styled with just the right amount of grit to eat your heart out to.

Star Worship – Remo Drive

Hot of the release of their sophomore album ‘Natural Everyday Degradation’, ‘Star Worship’ is the first single from their newly announced 3rd album ‘Portrait of an Ugly Man’. Recorded in their parent’s basement, what started out as a series of demos for their new LP has blossomed into the album itself. Remo Drive’s sound has developed greatly from their debut album. ‘Star Worship’ (along with the rest of the LP) is an intense examination of self-worth and measured success. ‘Portrait of an Ugly Man’ is set to release on June 26th

Anaphylaxis – Pup

PUP’s new single ‘Anaphylaxis’ is a hypochondriac’s anthem. The song pokes fun at the idea that we can all overreact sometimes, and it’s always OK to look back and laugh about it. PUP has never been one to disappoint, and this high energy ride is punctuated by the faux panic in the vocal delivery. Singer Stefan Babcock describes the track, “we wrote a goofy song about being a hypochondriac and tried to make our guitars sound like bees at the beginning of it.”

Dreamland – Glass Animals

‘Dreamland’ describes the exploration of a world full of rearranged memories. If any band could write a song about such a concept, it would by psychedelic pop heroes Glass Animals. The track features all the aspects of Glass Animals’ sound we’ve come to know and love – rolling bass tracks, silky smooth vocals and dreamy, uplifting synths. ‘Dreamland’ is no exception. As the title track for their third album, their new release is inspired by uncomfortable memories, uncertain futures and the examination of our dreams. ‘Dreamland’ is set to release on July 10th.

Slumber – Charmer

‘Slumber’ is the first track Charmer’s recently released sophomore album, ‘ivy’. Mathy and poignant, ‘Slumber’ addresses the perils of waiting on life. Layered vocals atop polyrhythmic riffs tell the story of a relationship passively growing a part and an intense reflection of life accomplishments. Still reeling from the cancelation of their spring tour, Charmer remains hopeful and proud of their album after a lengthy writing process.

Thriving – Diet Cig

Indie rock duo Diet Cig’s music has always been honest and relatable. ‘Thriving’ is the first track on their newly released second album ‘Do You Wonder About Me?’. ‘Thriving’ describes the duality of moving on after a breakup while still obsessing over your former other-half. Singer Alex Luciano’s vocals are sweet and expressive and are in harmony with the very danceable instrument backing. Diet Cig always seems to write songs about things we think about but don’t often say, and ‘Thriving’ is no exception.

F&MU – Kehlani

R&B songstress Kehlani pulls no punches with ‘F&MU’. Describing the tumultuous relationship between her and a significant other, ‘F&MU’ recognizes how emotional turmoil can sometimes lead to unexpected benefits. Sensuous yet danceable, Kehlani delivers a stunning vocal performance over an exciting beat. ‘F&MU’ is the third single to be released previewing her second album ‘It Was Good Until It Wasn’t’, set to release May 8th.

Grand Plan – Dan Croll

Singer-songwriter Dan Croll has always been one to explore new sounds. Described as a ‘sonic explorer’ the difference between his first and second album prove he’s not afraid to try new things and see what sticks. ‘Grand Plan’ is the title track from his hotly anticipated third album, and once again we’re treated to a very cozy acoustic-and-then-some genre bending experience. Layered vocal harmony, textured acoustic guitar and some light atmospheric elements tell the story of a hopeful artist unsure of their place in the world. ‘Grand Plan’ is planned to release on August 21st.