Finding Inspiration through Originality with Lost Stars

>>Pop music is constantly evolving. Nashville trio, Lost Stars, is constantly embracing that evolution and looking towards the future in developing their sound.

With the release of their two new singles “I Don’t Know You Anymore” and “All I Know” the band finds themselves churning out undeniably catchy tunes that have an array of different influences while being tastefully accessible to mainstream audiences. Their first single “I Don’t Know You Anymore”, which the band describes being influenced by “post-break up melancholy”, features cleverly concise lyrics and a driving chorus that resonates with the brooding realization a relationship was based more upon being hopeful than being truthful with each other. Vocalist, Damian Malnar, stands at the forefront of the song delivering an impressive vocal performance, meanwhile there are solid guitar licks throughout the song that reminds me of The 1975. By the end of the song you can find yourself humming along. Their second single, “All I Know”, which was released today, sounds like a sequel thematically to the previous song as it focalizes on recognizing an ex is no good for you and blatantly stating that to them. The song features a thumping groove that builds with intensity throughout the track. The mix of live instruments and great production on these two tracks is an unstoppable force and it’s not hard to imagine Lost Stars taking over the world very soon. Listen to the tracks on this page and read our conversation with them below!

Who are the band members and what do they play?

Damian Malnar is the lead singer and keyboardist of the band. Trey Warner is the lead guitarist. Charley Holden plays bass, synths, and guitar

Where is the band from?

We all grew up in the great state of Kansas, but we actually met and formed in Nashville, TN.

What is the music scene like where you’re from?

It’s called music city for a reason! Music is everywhere and not just country, but there is a young but quickly growing pop scene here in Nashville.

How long has your band been together and how did you all come together?

We’ve been together for about four years now. Damian and Charley used to play in a rock band together back in Kansas City when they were in high school. Damian ended up moving to Nashville afterwards and soon after that Charley moved as well, and his first (and only) college roommate ended up being Trey. The three of us ended up hanging out & working on music together all the time, and eventually we decided to turn it into a band.

What are some of the groups biggest musical influences?

Some of our modern influences are 5 Seconds of Summer, The 1975, Jonas Brothers, Julia Michaels, The Band Camino, LANY, Lauv, Coldplay, Shawn Mendes, OneRepulic, Jon Bellion, and The Chainsmokers. But all of us grew up on indie pop, alt rock, brit pop, boy bands, hair metal, electronica, dance, classic rock, and sick beats.

What do you think of the current state of pop music?

It’s a unique and exciting time. Genres have blended so much that creativity can feel limitless. And the bar for quality writing has never been higher. So many great melodies and lyrics and incredible producers. Also guitar is cool again so that’s nice.

***guitar has always and will always be cool***

What do you hope listeners get from hearing your music?

We want you to know that you’re not alone. That it’s ok to be different. And we hope you get a rush of dopamine to your brain when you hear our songs.

What are the future plans for your band? What can fans expect to see/hear from you?

We have more new singles coming soon as well as a new EP coming out this summer. We’ll hopefully be touring a lot as soon as this coronavirus settles down. And we’ll probably be posting more stupid things on our Instagram story.