Artist Spotlight: Maxwell Harvey-Sampson

>>Within the confines of state-sanctioned quarantine we see the stage set for a curious production. Sean and I began dating at the close of the previous year and at the beginning of the re-occurrence of my struggle with Manic-Depression. Following my discharge from an intensive, inpatient psychiatric rehabilitation program, we began the processes of making work together, documenting Sean's help in my healing and my simultaneous reverence of a newfound love. Outside, the world of social distancing complicates once simple friendships, furthering my reliance on Sean as a support and a grounded connection to reality. The work created during this time is a look into the elements of play, intimacy, cohabitation, and care that go into surviving isolation and recovering a sense of self. Within the creation of the work, Sean stands in a complex role, acting as an assistant, a subject, and a photographer himself, furthering the natural push and pull dynamic of a burgeoning sense of trust and open communication between us. Complicating my individual process of becoming well is the encounter of feelings of smallness and femininity that come from my acceptance of Sean's help. The revelation of unresolved insecurities regarding elements of my sexuality and ingrained fear of asking for help rise to the surface at the dawn of this new relationship. It's personally challenging yet crucial to acknowledge the role of those feelings in my relapse. Within the context of them rising at the hands of this relationship, the feeling of safety and closeness we achieve allows new opportunities for the pursuit of resolve. In my apartment and in acceptance of the current uncertainties of the outside world, Sean and I produce, heal, and establish the foundation of a working partnership we can both move forward in confidence through uncertainty.

Head over to and check out the rest of Maxwell "Us, Isolation" (Under construction) along with his other projects.