Dewey’s Domain and Wednesday’s World: A profile piece on Dewey Rice & Wednesday Westwood

>>If you have met Dewey Rice or Wednesday Westwood, you have surely been impressed with their artistry. But, you may not realize the extent of talent and creativity that this multifaceted artist brings to the Rochester scene with both their tattooing and drag performances.

Photography by: Maxwell Harvey-Sampson

Originally from Watertown, NY, Dewey first moved to The Flower City in the summer of 2008 after finishing up college in Utica, NY. His romantic relationship, along with a desire to branch out from his small hometown, were driving factors for his relocation. Hailing from a small town, Rochester seemed like a “bustling metropolis” to the twenty year old artist. Dewey’s first job was located on Monroe Ave, which serves as one of the main streets and life lines downtown. This exposed him to not only fellow ROC citizens, but also to the local LGBTQIA+ community. Dewey shares that, “ I am so lucky to live in a city with such a rich and vibrant LGBTQIA community. It has always felt to me to be fairly large per capita and there are always so many events and opportunities for us to all come together. I love this community and it doesn’t matter where I go in life, I will call it home.”

Always having a passion for the arts, Dewey has actively engaged with it in multiple mediums throughout his life. Continuously captivated and curious, drawing and painting naturally took root from a young age and he has been tending to this craft ever since. Taking as many art classes as possible while in school, Dewey found himself gravitating towards the punk rock scene. Once entering into the scene, socializing and conversing with others, and watching bands perform, Dewey was drawn to many of its qualities, one of the most profound being the inked artwork on the bodies of the band members. Submerged in a world of tattoos, this initially sparked not only an interest in them, but a desire to actually become a tattoo artist himself. Currently, Dewey is a tattooer at Kamikaze Tattoo located on 98 Alexander St. Tattoos can either serve as a form of self expression, or can simply exist because one wants them to. Whether or not there is meaning behind a tattoo, a handful of technical factors come into play such as placement, stylistic design, sizing and dimensions, shading, color, and more. With each move needing to be carefully calculated and precise, this art-form requires expansive skill sets. In a serendipitous contrast to this technical skillset, another art-form entered into Dewey’s life, opening his eyes to a whole new world and creative process. The world of Drag. Continue Reading Article <<

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