New Music Friday - Covers, Collaborations and Creativity

Wasting Time – The Mowgli’s

Wasting Time is the first track of The Mowgli’s new EP Dizzyonatightrope. This energetic indie pop tune is sure to brighten your day, and its extremely relatable yet somehow hopeful message of trying to break free from a stuck routine is rather topical.

you made me realise – Full Body

Rochester’s own Full Body has put together an awesome cover of ‘you made me realise’ by My Bloody Valentine. MBV can be noisy, raw and quite intense – and Full Body more than keeps up in this fresh take on an awesome tune.

Idioteque – Hundredth

Hundredth’s sound has shifted from their post-hardcore roots to a vibrant and faced paced shoegaze aesthetic. Their take on Radiohead’s Idioteque is another expression of their new direction as a band, and it is very well received.

Hero – Weezer

Hero is dedicated to all the “dreamers, the zoom graduators, the sourdough bakers, and the essential workers”. Its music video features a massive collaboration between Weezer fans and the band and features a heartfelt note from vocalist Rivers Cuomo.

How Far? – The Gorillaz (feat. Tony Allen and Skepta)

Featuring British MC Skepta and late Nigerian drummer and composer Tony Allen, ‘How Far?’ is fast, fresh and flows fast. The crisp and impactful beat compliments Skepta’s lyrics perfectly.

“I want to take care of youngsters – they have messages and I want to bring them on my beat.” – Tony Allen

Anywayz – Austra

Austra’s striking vocal qualities are always the highlights of her music, and ‘Anywayz’ is no exception. It’s the first track off her recently released album ‘HiRUDiN’, which was is the creative triumph after navigating deep interpersonal and artistic hardships.

Grow Into Love – Half Moon Run

Born out of isolation, ‘Grow Into Love’ tells the often painful story of change in relationships. Layered vocal harmonies and soft, living room percussion let the sweet melody of this track stand on its own. This is the sound and thoughtfulness we’ve come to expect from Half Moon Run.

i should be happy – lovelytheband

‘i should be happy’ from lovelytheband tells a very relatable story: Sometimes we don’t feel ok, and there isn’t always an obvious reason for it. This track is a thinker, and it’s deep but reserved bass track gives the intensely filtered vocals room to breathe.