Premiere: The Dirty Pennies - "I'm Your Man" Live Video

>>On the heels of the release of I’m Your Man, The Dirty Pennies paused to talk about creative processes, touring, and post show rituals.

As with so many bands, since their inception their processes of writing have evolved. They’re finding that less is more and that equipment matters. Whereas before just remembering old jam sessions had to be enough, they are now recording their jam sessions and listening back. “it is easier to come back to ideas with new parts/lyrics without having to rely on remembering”, they said. This has also impacted their studio approach. They spend time demoing ideas and writing and rewriting parts so that when they hit the studio, they’re ready to lay down as many tracks as possible. “once we got into the studio, we could focus on creative ideas instead of wasting time doing endless takes.”

What they miss is playing live shows. Amidst the pandemic they had two shows in April get cancelled as well as a tour in June. They can’t wait to hit the stage again, but for now they wanted to focus on capturing the live feel on their newest tracks. “There aren’t as many layers on this batch of songs, our goal was to capture more of a raw energy similar to our live show”, they said. Although they miss their old post show ritual of going out for a garbage plate after. “there are a few places in town that are open late enough for us to grab one after a show”, they said.

The band grew up listening to a combination of blues, classic rock, and folk; all of which are apparent in their music. Their style is a combination as well, psychedelic blues meets garage rock, it’s foot stomping and their shows can make you sweat. Local influences include “House Majority, King Buffalo, The Stedwells, Maybird”. Their varying array of musical influences makes them unique.

In 2020, The Dirty Pennies are happy to be healthy and will be thankful to get back to playing some live shows. They’d love to tour the west coast in the future as well citing “Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle, San Fran, LA, Reno, Denver, Austin, Chicago” as being premiere stops for them. They’d fit in anywhere and we would be a welcome addition to any tour. As for advice for bands just getting started: “Have fun, practice A LOT, don’t overbook in your hometown.”

Watch The Dirty Pennies "I'm Your Man" Live Video