Premiere: King20/20 - New Music Video for "Krule"

>>Rochester based artist King 20/20 has been blending the words from poetry with hip/hop R&B vibes to create his sounds of true emotion for many years now. Recently he's dug up some of his past in 2017 and released a track and music video called “Krule”.

Lost in time and unearthed during these trying days King 20/20 has painted a picture with a collage of pictures of the past. With shots of memories of people and places close to home; mixed with a lo-fi beat;

you can imagine the nostalgia it can bring to someone who is dealing with things and needs a way to purge the emotions. Soft snare hits and keys behind the man with the mic, and a harmonized chorus makes for the perfect chill hip/hop track. Times are dark and King has created a music video that helps encompass what a lot of us are feeling today. “Not a penny to choke on, this music my only dose”. A line that a lot of us can relate to with many who lost jobs and wait for some light at the end of the tunnel. Also very trying times for artists who base their livelihood around their passion and can’t create art for those to see or hear. A message that leans towards the notion that money is the root of all evil that can lead to depression and taking up evil ways to cope with it. “Drinking just to keep myself warm”. The track ends with the line “darkness carries cacophony around like sheep following their masters, and when I blow smoke to the stars, I hear silence”. A powerful line to end a much moving experience. Watch Now