Premiere: Mr. Popular - "DM in the AM" Music Video

>>Ethan Davis has traded in his paper bag for the face of Salvador Dali. What the 20th century Spanish art icon and Mr. Popular have in common is esoteric if not entirely abstruse and that is the Flair for the Dramatic, which happens to be the name of Mr. Popular’s 2020 EP release. But there’s something beyond the painted whisker mustachio he donned for the video of Dms in the Am, there’s a mystic quality, the footage shot through the rainy lens of a confusing ride home after inebriation, something untouchable that we all understand.

Mr. Popular called Dms in the Am his “favorite song on the EP” and it has as much to do with the catchy hook as it does to the raw honesty. After a night of debauchery, we have all capitulated to our earnest desire to be next to someone, to feel loved, to be the opposite of lonely. Whether or not that has anything to do with the alcohol or drugs is debatable, but what isn’t is the familiarity of going through this exact moment at least once in your life. Even if you have never drunk a drop, the pain of going home alone has been there at least once.

The text bubbles of lyrics are a nice touch, an added bonus to a video with blurred colors and light refraction that gives off the time of night. Owing to the simplicity of the video, the perfectly shot images and timed text bubbles, along with the outstanding facial acting, give you a sense of sick. Then comes the part where he literally gets sick, and it’s in a paper bag of all things. A significant nod to his previous persona, where now he’s taken the bag off his head exposing the swirling painted face of a lonely musician, vomiting into the past, a poor receptacle for a night of heavy drinking.

The video ends with our hero, hot and sweaty, no doubt, with his recent spinning transaction into the paper bag, cooling his face in the early morning breeze. We know this isn’t the end of his night, as he has yet to reach his destination and the metaphor is here too. Mr. Popular isn’t there yet. In fact, he’s just getting started in his journey, although it won’t be one of loneliness. From the origin of his once paper bagged self to the blossoming artist that just released Flair for the Dramatic it has been only a few short years. This is not someone coming into the game green, but a veteran producer and song writer who has taken stage and no longer a Geppetto. If the beginning is this beautiful, then it’s going to be a magical ride.