Run River North is back with new single - "Spiders"

>>Run River North is an American/Korean indie/folk group based out of beautiful Los Angeles California. The group has been together since 2011 and have even performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Dedicated to their work the group practiced whenever they could in between work and classes and eventually sold out in some of LA’s biggest venues for up and coming artists. You may recognize the group's name from their appearance on our very own livestream fundraiser called “Floated Sofa Sounds”. Most recently the group dropped a new music video insupport of their song titled “Spiders”.

The world is turned upside down now with the COVID –19 pandemic amongst us. “Feel like I'm losing my head, caught up in the pieces don’t seem to fit”. Locking up shops all over the globe with no return anytime soon we are all faced with this underlying blanket of sadness from the feared reality that people's livelihoods are being affected so much. From face masks to hazmat suits “It’s just the way it is for now”. The video is shot on a bleak and rainy day that almost seems peaceful amongst the barren streets. But with nothing but empty wall to wall structures it paints an ere picture of just how serious matters are. The group has created a perfect blend of acoustics and synths to build a deep cut feeling of what is going on with all those spiders in their heads. From the high spirits of the keys to the slowed tempo acoustic to bring us back to reality. For some it is the struggle of not being able to go to their place of work and for others its walking the dead streets of their city without a friend in sight. Laying his guitar in the rain on top of the building to end the video could very well be a symbolic gesture to all the artists and musicians that have also been affected by this pandemic, as if they all are just left out in the rain with no true answer when the storm will be over.