New Music Round Up - “This Beat Goes On”

>>With so much music that was released throughout the week, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what to listen to. But we managed to string up a list of some of the best releases to make things easier for you. From Freddie Gibbs’ and The Alchemist’s new collaborative LP to Lady Gaga’s return to the dancefloor, here are some of the highlights of the New Music Friday.

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist — 'Alfredo' [ESGN/ALC/Empire]

One of our favorite rappers Freddie Gibbs has teamed up with super producer The Alchemist for another collaborative project called 'Alfredo.' The latest project follows after both artist’s came together alongside Curren$y for the superb album 'Fetti' in 2018 and when Gibbs and Madlib released the collaborative album 'Bandana' just last year. There’s also some notable appearances on the new project from Tyler, The Creator, Rick Ross, Conway the Machine and Benny The Butcher. It’s lead single and opening track “1985” features a psychedelic guitar loop and a flow from Gibbs that’s one of his most memorable — “Michael Jordan, 1985, bitch, I travel with a cocaine circus,” which is of course in reference to the recent Jordan documentary-series 'The Last Dance.' Checkout the Nick Walker-directed video for “1985” below.

Stream the new album here.

Lady Gaga — 'Chromatica' [Interscope Records]

The wait is finally over for Lady Gaga’s anticipated sixth studio album 'Chromatica,' which shows the pop star returning to her dance-pop style that was so evident on earlier releases. The new album was supposed to drop last April, but was postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. After excelling on 2016’s country pop 'Joanne,' as well as acting and composing music for 2018’s 'A Star Is Born,' Gaga has returned to her dance-pop roots which makes the record a bit celebratory. We see Gaga blending the electropop hooks from her 2008 debut with the energetic EDM synths and pounding beats from 2013’s 'Artpop.' In her cover feature for InStyle last month, Gaga said that even if her new album is heavy on dance music, the songs came from a personal place of recovery. “I’m very proud of it because while it’s fun and celebratory, if you listen to those lyrics, you really will know my heart,” she says. “It’s like the music is giving you permission to go on. Even if you’ve had the worst day ever, it’s OK to dance.”

Stream the new album here.

Deerhoof — 'Future Teenage Cave Artists' [Joyful Noise]

The experimental rock veterans Deerhoof are back with a new album that sustains their legacy over their 26-year career. 'Future Teenage Cave Artists' is the quartet’s 15th studio album that’s filled with ten original songs that cover lo-fi psych rock, noise pop and a bit of mid-‘90s trip-hop. And its eleventh track closes the album with an interpretation of a Bach arrangement. The new album throws some unexpected twists while embarking on a series of stylistic detours, contrasting to the usual and consistent sonic mayhem on previous Deerhoof releases. The compositions are really minimal, but they also expand the possibilities of what a Deerhoof record can sound like in 2020. Check out Deerhoof’s fan-made video for “The Loved One” below.

Stream the new album here.

Run River North — “Spiders” [Monsters Calling Home]

Run River North, aka RRN, have just released the lead single to their upcoming third studio album that will be out later this year. The new single follows the recent acoustic album 'MCH Vol. 1 + 2 = 3 (SAD Takes)' and serves as the band’s first edition into being independent again after being dropped by Nettwerk Music Group earlier this year. “Spiders” features a refrain that sticks — “Just the way it is / it’s just the way it is for now” that’s followed by an erupting and intense mellotron line. RRN takes a minimal approach on the track with its simple chords and suitable lyrics about arachnids on your wall and catching the quarantine fatigue that is well-illustrated in the music video. The trio were recently featured on our live-streaming festival that took place last weekend and were also featured in our series Moody Monday back in February.

Stream the new single here.

Jaime Wyatt — 'Neon Cross' [New West Records]

The Los Angeles-based artist Jaime Wyatt released her debut EP 'Felony Blues' in 2017, which bursted her onto the music scene with praise from critics due its confessionary and soft-hearted lyrical approach along with its Outlaw country style. But it's her latest album that will bring her the attention that is well-deserved. On 'Neon Cross' Wyatt delivers her most anguished album yet, covering tragic topics from betrayal to the struggling with addiction. Like her debut EP, the new album reveals her bruised emotions like an open-book, but shows more of a mature and triumphant reflection towards her development from her account of obstacles. Wyatt’s songwriting is honest and universal and she complimented this in an earlier press release. “It sounds so dramatic, but that’s the truth. It’s been just this gnarly, gnarly process, but one that is so human,” she says. “So there’s been a lot of turmoil and drama. But this record is a lot about rebirth, too.”

Stream the newest album here.

Nicole Atkins — 'Italian Ice' [Single Lock Records]

After it was delayed last month due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Nicole Atkins is finally back with her new album 'Italian Ice.' Her latest is filled with her familiar Americana style that’s now incorporated with elements of soul and retro pop that bleed into each other over the tight and energy-packed grooves. In an interview with the Nashville Scene, Atkins wanted to record a record that felt fresh and hopeful for the future and serve as an escape from the ongoing issues of the world. “I wanted to make something that I wasn’t hearing in music, and something that made me feel better,” she says. “The news has just been so crazy the last few years. It’s hard to not get caught up in things.”

Stream the new album here.

The Flaming Lips — “Flowers of Neptune 6” [Warner Records]

After releasing 'King’s Mouth' last year and a collaborative album with Deap Vally back in March, the Flaming Lips are back with a new song that features Kacey Musgraves. “Flowers of Neptune 6” is filled with an evocative series of melodies that self-references when the Lips were at their creative peak. There’s also some gorgeous vocal harmonies delivered by Musgraves. In the music video we see a resurrection of Wayne Coyne’s infamous giant plastic bubble that has never felt so relevant.

Stream the new single here.

PINS — 'Hot Slick' [Haus Of Pins]

Since their 2013 debut, the all-female trio PINS have been releasing some of the strongest post-punk and dance-rock music of the 2010s. They even caught the attention of The Godfather of Punk, Iggy Pop that later resulted into a collaboration on the band’s last EP. On their latest, 'Hot Slick,' the trio hauls in an array of assertive and stirring club bangers that feature smooth layers of synths, driving basslines and cheeky ‘60s girl-group melodies. The style might come off as sounding familiar, but the enchantment is their own.

Stream the new album here.

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