Ghost Town Remedy - 'Therapy"

>>It’s retro-rock while being semi-self aware, a tongue in cheek attempt to redistribute pop punk across the radio waves with a smile friendly sound. A bit of Weezer sprinkled with a Butch Vig wash on the drums. it’s all 90’s with a modern twist and feel.

The riffs are a bit more dangerous and damning than nerd rock and it’s too much pop to call it punk, but it’s not punk either. GTR has somehow nestled into a sweet spot, a little cove just inside the harbor of mashup music, a sea of sound that has groups trying to be Punk/Blues/Garage/Indie/Alt/Country/Folk. They swiftly put up their sails and headed for calmer waters, deftly writing punk songs with a modern pop twist.

"Therapy for me, is a song about recognizing that you can't do always everything on your own and that it's ok to ask for help if you need it. Everyone has their burdens and we've all dealt with depression in some form or another.” - TJ Maher

The band doesn’t make any bones about their sound. In the first three seconds of the video for Therapy there’s a VHS tape that gets slipped into a VHS player, with only half of their audience even remembering them. Ghost Town Remedy knows who they are and they are unabashed about it. Styles and hearts worn on sleeve they don’t leave anything behind including a set that looks much like Weezer’s Undone (The Sweater Song) video.

This band belongs on every summer festival tour you can imagine. Their sound is sympathetically joyous and nods towards a care free and fun summer feeling.