Taking it global with Sasa Stubbs

>>Sasa Stubbs has toothy and poignant voice that is difficult to pin down. It’s global. There are bits of accents in certain words and then absent in others. With an androgynous pitch and range Sasa is closer to other worldly and Feels like Forever is the perfect road to travel down, attempting to understand exactly what Sasa is, and where it is he came from.

The mysteriousness is exemplified by the track’s guitar, a reverb heavy pick and deep bass resonance. Although this track is acoustic, a vehicle for Sasa’s unique voice, it’s easy to imagine this track backed by a rock band, a synth pop beat, or an 808 track. The versatility of the sound is designed and the production on this track is crystal clear even if the guitar is laden with reverb and chorus. There’s a pop wash to the vocals, stacked and harmonizing to enhance the atonality of a simple track that is anything but simple.

"Igniting a flame of hope is the most important aspect of this song. My dreams and hopes have always pushed me to take unavoidable risks that come along with being a musician. I wrote Feels Like Forever while I felt stuck in Germany waiting for my visa to get to the US. It’s a retrospective song talking about the obstacles I overcame, the regrets of wasted time, and the mistakes I’ve endured along the path to becoming the musician I am today.”

The full track, this is the acoustic, takes on a different life, and sounds more radio friendly, the beat adding a foot stomping rhythm to it. The acoustic version feels deeper, as if the track was written in solace but displayed in joy. The distress embedded in Sasa’s voice is apropos of these times and this acoustic version feels employable in our current situation.