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New Dialogue: the Cali quintet with huge waves of passion

>>The five-piece based out of LA is comprised of an unshakable bond between members
Eli Kitapci and Taylor Morrow on vocals. With support by guitarist Michael Sevilla and Jeff
Badagliacca on bass keeping that west coast groove and held tightly together by drummer Jason Rodriguez. The group has bonded over their love for the Cali lifestyle of beach hangs and sunshine days all combined with relatable tastes in music such as The Killers, Bon Iver, and Local Natives. they have been putting material out since early 2018, and most recently have been noted for the song “Pilgrims” on “NOW that’s what I call music! Vol. 73”. On that album they sit amongst big name artists spanning from Billie Eillish, Post Malone, Salena Gomez, and Halsey.

Sometimes we can't control the future and plans shift from time to time. Taylor had gone
on to say that all they wanted to do was to get back on the road and hit up as many festivals as
possible for the remainder of 2020. The music culture has some time before it can return to a life
that is somewhat normal again, but the group stays hopeful for creating new songs. “We wrote a
lot of material towards the end of 2019 and we want to release our favorite ones in 2020 for
everyone”. The group has a distinct resolution that they all try to follow and that’s to stay
immersed in music and stay healthy. Especially when traveling from place to place they work out
whenever they can to keep the body and mind sharpened from the wear of traveling across the
states. A lot of artists get lost in the hustle of touring around and forget that keeping their
physical and mental states healthy are most important if you want to bring a lasting impression to
the fans. Last year the group released their hit EP “Teach Me How to Feel”. You can find this
five track EP on almost any major music streaming platform and proven to be somewhat of a
different beast from what New Dialogue used to be closing in on 50,000 listeners on Spotify


Taylor gave us some insight on that process and goes on to say “We took the year reimagining the band and we hooked up with our management team. The whole year after that was spent deciding what we wanted to do with the sound and what direction we wanted to take. It was pretty arduous in the beginning trying to find the lane, but we embodied where we wanted to take the band moving forward”.

“We as a band have been playing together for quite some time almost five years now and
even though we as a band are new and our catalog is new, were seasoned within the industry”.
This is what Eli had to say when talking about the process of the new Ep. The group is no
stranger to the relm of the music industry and have been a part of many past projects. Just like
other groups looking to strike gold in the industry New Dialogue has been grinding away with
everything from writing, recording and gigging for almost the entire time they have known each

other. But the group has turned in a new direction that they believe is the path that will help them
reach new levels. “We put our heads down and just got to work” Eli says when it came to start
recording. But most importantly they expressed that it was a great experience during studio time,
making the environment stress free and free flowing of ideas around the entire group. Charlie
Park is their producer and has been coined their knight in shining armor and was a big part for
most of the duration according to Eli Alongside producer Christian Medice who is known for
playing a role in the popular L.A. indie-pop group “lovelytheband”; Both producers were in line
with the vision that New Dialogue had in place and helped them create the new sound that they
are revolving around now.

As an artist or a band, you need to stop and smell the roses once and a while to maintain
why you do what you do, and why you continue to make music. Eli talks about how they had
been consistently on the road for the past two years that had stretched all over the U.S. and all
the memories that she was able to capture. Alongside pre-show rituals the group likes to go with
the classic shot of whiskey and dancing around the greenroom to help loosen up says Eli, but
Taylor also mentioned that “sometimes we get to the venue and don’t even have time to
soundcheck, we have to just go in heads high and put on the best show we can”. “The shows are
amazing and so are the people and you can never put a price tag on that”. But one particular time
was when the group was in North Carolina and decided instead of hotels they would stay in a
cabin adjacent to a lake, “We had food and we got drinks and had a great time swimming, and it
was the band and our tour manager and it was just a family feeling moment that will definitely be
with me forever”. For Taylor his moment that resonated the most over the past couple years was
at a venue called “The Caverns” located in the valley of Pelham T.N. is a subterranean
amphitheater that has a capacity of 2300. “Just being able to experience that in that kind of
setting, you just never forget that”.

If you ever find yourself down that way here is a link to the official website and check out what this hidden gem is all about https://thecaverns.com. Although we are stuck in a very odd time with venues shutting their doors during this pandemic, bands stay hopeful that once things become safe again, we can return to a somewhat normal life. New Dialogue is wasting no time but also being safe about the world around them and have recently added a live stream video from Instagram.


Photography by: Olivia Edvalson


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