Music Video Premiere: Kristin Lash and Jakob Grey - "Sleepin' With The Lights On"

>>All the way from Bratislava, Slovakia the power duo Kristin Lash and Jakob Grey have dropped there more recent endeavor that pushes a tidal wave of emotion putting anyone in their feels. The duo met in while attending college at Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague, Czech Republic and had started gigging out at local pubs before making a name for themselves performing in large theaters.

The Track titled “Sleepin’ with the lights on” pushes the boundaries where light meets dark, and the essence of someone's warmth but feeling so cold at the same time. The atmosphere created by the warmth of the red and the cold from the blue gives a false sense of hope and that utter darkness will prevail. Backed by Jakob with his soft riffs and a symphony of stings; an empty house is the notion of loneliness. won't you forget about my thoughts? “Sun sets down on lonesome eyes you know that nothing can compare the way you make me feel”. To not be engulfed in the sadness and hang onto what little hope is left, its best sometimes to sleep with the lights on. Being still as the night you can feel the pain that lays in her eyes while lurking form room to room. “When your beauty disappears, my days will seem so dark they're watchin' as I fall, I'm down on my mind”. Panning away from her still body, but only the movement from her lips, there you can see where the true pain lingers.