New Music Roundup - New music for a new you

>>New music for a new you. A collection of recently released music that's sure to pique your interest, from nu disco to math rock and beyond.

Portrait Of An Ugly Man - Remo Drive

Remo Drive’s third album was conceived in their parents' basement. Their sound has taken a distinct turn from their wildly successful punk-ish debut, so your mileage may vary. Either way, the Paulson brothers look inward and explore what it is to be a musician, to be human, and to err with Erik’s lyrics out front and center.

Warn Me - Tigers Jaw

Warn Me is very reminiscent of their most recent album, Spin, with it’s steady alternative sound and heartfelt vocals. This one’s got a little more edge to it, and is a welcomed release from Tigers Jaw.

Technicolour - Covet

Some of the most accessible and comforting math rock out there, Covet never ceases to impress with their impressive composition of polyrhythms and dreamy guitar riffs. Featuring mostly new songs and some re-releases of previous singles, math homework never sounded so good.

Be Mine Tonight - Breakbot

Breakbot is a champion of new disco, and Be Mine Tonight delivers exactly what you’d want from such a genre: extremely danceable and smooth as funk. You can just smell the static of an arcade box’s CRT from the accompanying music video.

My Religion is You - The Flaming Lips

A preview for their upcoming album, My Religion is You is all about believing in the special someone in your life. It’s slow, dreamy and carries the distinct tonal quirks of the majority of The Flaming Lips’ wow.

Shorten the Longing - Biting Elbows

Shorten the Longing unabashedly mashes genres together into a beautiful, post-punk 80s alternative synthwave monster. Biting Elbows haven’t had a full length release since 2011, and have treated this record with great production value and care.


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