New Music Friday - New tunes for your moods

>>tons of new releases, all deserving of your attention. You're sure to find something you like on this week's New Music Friday!

Black and Bleu - Hera Lainey

Black and Bleu features Hera Lainey’s sublime voice, front and center. This dynamic and thoughtful track knows exactly when to start slow and when to push through. Lainey carries so much emotion and intent delivered in every line, you can’t help but connect to her lyrics in one way or another.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music

Between the Lines - Areshi

Areshi more than proves himself as a singer and songwriter with Between the Lines. This track always feels like he’s playing it just for you, and you’re guaranteed to get right into your feels.

Used to Like - Neon Trees

This synthwave tinged dance-rock track will have you thinking about heartbreak - but not for too long. The third track on Neon Tree’s new track sounds so fresh and inspired by those lonely nights where you just need to dance like nobody’s watching.


KOPPS rolls up to the club without giving a f*ck in this tongue and cheek track about losing yourself into the lights, music and general debauchery of a wild night out. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with putting a little ugly energy out into the world, either. Listen on Spotify

Momento Mori - Techno Westerns

The title track off their new album doesn’t shy away from loss and hurt, but instead celebrates the profound experience of losing what you love. Toronto’s own Techno Westerns have attitude and energy with a distinct sound that’s hard to pin down but very easy to listen to. Listen on Spotify

Idaho - Slow Pulp

Dreamy but not sleepy, Slow Pulp has always had incredible depth in their sound, and Idaho is no exception. This track challenges you to look inward as deeply as you might look into others.

Their new album, Moveys, is set to release October 9th.

Pretty Lies - Run River North

Pretty Lies tells a painful story of a relationship sustained on white lies that’s headed down the highway on a crash course. However, this track remains upbeat and hopeful of change with a hard to name but very distinct aesthetic that’s presented in their video.

Love Ain’t Free - The Dirty Pennies

The Dirty Pennies have nailed the blues-psychadelic-rock genre fusion to a T, and Love Ain’t Free makes you feel like a heart breaker and a name taker without skipping a beat. Featuring an absolutely jamming guitar solo, this track rocks! Listen on Spotify

Still Standing - Roses & Revolutions

Still Standing is about not just surviving, but thriving. Life can throw all sorts of crap at you, but you’ve always got the power to push through, whether you know it or not. Roses & Revolutions lives up to her namesake, and you’re sure to find boundless hope and inspiration in her lyrics.

For Sure - Future Islands

After 3 years, Future Islands makes a triumphant return with this fast driving love song. The distinct feeling of when you’re sure someone is ‘the one’ for you is captured perfectly in their track and accompanying video.