Dev Jon – Setting the Moon on Fire

>>A musician’s career is much like a long and difficult road trip. There are times where the scenery buzzes harmoniously by the window and other times when a flat tire stalls you on the side of the road to watch the world scream by. But the journey gives you knowledge, something that can’t be taught but rather felt, grasped, if only to watch it slip delicately between your fingers again somewhere down the line. But that learning process is introspection and introspection can lead to learning how to set the moon on fire.

Meet Dev Jon, an artist that has traveled a long and winding road to get to his current medium. From listening to hair metal with his older brother in the late 80’s, to playing in punk rock bands at the turn of the century, to writing and producing reggae music, producing and recording in Buffalo, to working in the music industry in Manhattan; his winding journey has given him a unique depth of perception. But his love of orchestrating something electronic, manipulating sound and energy in such a way, has brought him back to Buffalo and into something he hasn’t really done before; making music just for him, what he hears in his head, and what he would want to listen to.

After high school and his early college days, Dev Jon found himself without a band for the first time in a while but still felt the drive to make music. Electronica was the easiest way to still create and he was able to fold his piano and guitar skills into the music. But after listening to DJ DB’s Shades of Technology something changed in him. He had found a musical home and started to think that he had found the right genre to work in. Between recording with a reggae band and producing and engineering projects, he wrote an album’s worth of tracks. The e took a break for a while, getting more familiar with other music, like Jazz.

“The pursuit of complexity seems to be

the main focus of a lot of Jazz”,

he said. “Sometimes electronic can be a bit basal, I started looking at being both”. He cites Gogo Penguin as a most recent influence as a group of live musicians doing both. His eclectic tastes of being a big fan of Corrosion of Conformity alongside Orrin Evans and wanting to create something new is apparent on his latest track release Burn the Moon.

“There was a lack of music that I wanted to listen to at night. I couldn’t find what I wanted in [my collection of] Drum and Bass” he said. Burn the Moon was born, a travelling and winding song that feels like a journey, just like his own. Elements of Drum and Bass rise to the top, but there’s a tinkling piano that reminds you of jazz, a symphonic harmony in support that is orchestral, and the collage of sound is expertly mixed creating a homogenous wall of sound. But the track allows you to pick out every sound, every balanced harmony and throbbing bass. Components of Dev Jon’s past lives stitched together, an encapsulating time piece that has come to together to describe him as an artist.

“It fits Chill Step but leans toward classic trance”, he explained. It’s an addictive track and certainly has a late-night feel to it, whether sitting in your own living room or zooming down the dark road away from the city lights. Listen to the track here