A tender story that radiates an aroma of tranquility, Sally Louise's new single - "Milky B

>>Describing herself as a West Coast desert flower who has been uprooted traveling the world with her music having performed in nine different countries and all across the U.S. with various choirs and opera companies;

Sally Louise has transplanted herself here in Rochester NY, The Flower City. Since the age of twelve she's been engulfed in the arts and even attended the Eastman School of Music for opera. After over a decade of swimming in classical music she's returned to writing her own originals stating, “I don’t want these songs to rot in my notebook”.

She's here now with her new single “Milky Blue”, a tender story that radiates an aroma of tranquility. The track paints a picture of taking a stroll through lavender filled fields that can put anyone at ease and giving into the earth around you to become one with the realm outside of reality. The soft percussion filled with brushes, bells and chimes set the tone of inner peace, with the hints of bird chirps allow you to align yourself with relaxation. Pulled together in the form of lush layered harmonies this track can put anyone in a trance. Overall, this track is a must have for anyone who looks to relax after a stress filled day or just looking to project into another reality.