New Music Friday - New Albums, New Sounds

>>Lots of new releases this New Music Friday to keep your playlists fresh all week long.

So Real, So Surreal – The Cuckoos

The Cuckoo’s brand of intense genre blend doesn’t disappoint in this funky head trip of a track. So Real, So Surreal features an even more bizarre music video that’s sure to get you in the mood for something weird!

Blurred Colors – The Kickdrums

Producer and songwriter Alex Fitts (aka The Kickdrums) have released his new solo project, Blurred Colors. Engaging with a solo project proved both to be a challenging and rewarding process, and we’ve been rewarded with an excellent album of unique and authentic sounds.

No Pressure – Logic

Logic has released his final album, No Pressure. Full of dreamy samples, impactful lyrics and tight flows, it’s the perfect sendoff to this talented musician’s sublime career. Listen Now

I Can Feel You Forgetting Me – Neon Trees

Neon Trees have been around for a while, and they’ve always managed to update their sound without losing sight of their identity. Their new album I Can Feel You Forgetting Me keeps brings their familiar energy into a modern and relatable sound. Listen Now

All Distortions Are Intentional – Neck Deep

Pop-punk darlings Neck Deep do what they do best in their new album, All Distortions are Intentional. Grab some manic panic, shed a tear for Warped Tour, and blast this album. Listen Now

30% Off – Best Frenz, Joywave, Jason Suwito

30% Off is the title track from Best Frenz, Joywave, and Jason Suwito's new EP. The track talks about not selling yourself short, even when the ever increasing commercialization of the rest of the world might try to. Listen Now