Video Premiere: Amos the Kid - "What did you do"

>>The name might fool you at first glance. When you hear the word ‘kid’ you might think of an actual child, a mini adult who is still full of wonder full the world. Part of this is true, and the wonder for the world is certainly there, but “The Kid” here is meant for the open road, the outlaw, the backwoods country. Amos the Kid loves John Prine and Willie Nelson among others and his name is meant to reflect that. But this isn’t just a name, an alt-country act that grew up in the suburbs with a distinct fascination with the outlaws of the country world. Amos the Kid is the real deal.

His music reflects the person that he truly is. “I worked at a Canoe camp for kids for eight years. Over those years I spend many a night sleeping in tents. Those experiences have shaped my life, undoubtedly. And certainly, my art and the way I write.” Growing up in Winnipeg Canada has the benefits of the great outdoors alongside a bustling music scene. The newly signed artist is the first on the House of Wonders label, but is at home among a talented group of musicians and producers. “Everybody in the indie scene plays the same rooms around the country and Canada is small enough that we often have mutual friends. I like that”, he says.

Amos has a style that is both folk and rock without being either. His country roots are alive in twangy leads tucked into catchy choruses and witty lyrics. The global pandemic has put a slight hamper on getting out and touring, something that would certainly allow more people to find out about his music. “We were meant to play some music festivals and have a release show and such so that has been a challenge.” With the release of the music video for What Did You Do, a catchy song that works as a great representation and introduction for him “Seeing the response to the songs has been really been cool and generally uplifting”, he says.

What Did You Do depicts his start as a DIY musician, posting signs around town to get some friends over for a “mega party” the twist being that he already has a gold record and this is his way of sharing it with those who helped him get there. The party starts, Amos, adorned in country star regalia, emerges while his group waits. He unveils the gold record and they quickly celebrate by shotgunning some cans of lager. There’s some more drinking and it results in the gold record placard being smashed. Turns out no one cares and the party continues.

This is Amos the Kid. He’s here to turn his music out and up, not here to make friends from gold records. He’s an outlaw, steady in his own boots, and doesn’t need the music industry to teach him who he already knows he is. He has goals, which include getting “better at lead guitar” and finding ways “to expedite my writing process.” But the reality is much simpler. He’s a musician and one that can’t wait to get on the road and share his passion. “I’d also love to go on my first tour and dreamt of crossing the country musically. I want to headline a music festival and sing without my guitar and dance around the stage. I want to write song angsty post punk songs and more country songs,” he admits.

For now, his first five song EP will have to do and until things open up throughout the country touring may be sidelined. There’s so much more to come from Amos the Kid. “I was lucky enough to have my friends play on the record. Their talent lent itself to the way the album sounds. I am constantly inspired by their passion and knowledge of music. I’m currently writing for the next one.”