New Music Round Up – Covers, throwbacks and other dope tracks

>>From bowling with your best friend to raging against the state of the world, today’s new music roundup is sure to have the right aesthetic for the coming week

Dreamland – Glass animals

Glass Animals’ newest album, Dreamland, is chock full of aethereal sounds, silky smooth vocals and their extremely high production value. Dreamland balances their familiar aesthetic while exploring new frontiers of hip hop and pop. Listen Now

A.M. 180 – PUP

PUP faithfully covers Grandaddy’s popular track, A.M. 180. PUP’s sound fits surprisingly well and does this wonderfully nuanced track justice. Listen Now

Quarantine – blink-182

Blink-182 takes up a more traditional punk sound in Quarantine, a track that absolutely rags on the state of the world in 2020. The lyrics are more than enough to make you laugh and cry with each increasingly relatable verse. Listen Now

fuck, I luv my friends – renforshort

This track goes out to all the ride-or-die homies you have in your life. Renforshort’s storytelling is spot on and infinitely authentic in this indie bop. Listen Now

Like Breaking Glass – Cut Copy

Like Breaking Glass is the 80’s hit throwback you didn’t know you needed. Cut Copy nails the warm, upbeat, synth heavy sound with the vocals to boot. Listen Now

Purple Noon – Washed Out

Purple Noon is a diverse collection of dance & chillwave tracks by Washed Out. Calling back to his earlier, dream-pop sound with heavier beats and a fresh vocal performance. Listen Now