Single Premiere: HESS - "I'll Drive"

>>The rebirth of synthesizers in the last decade has given music an 80’s pop sheen that luckily left out the waves of drenching reverb, enhancing the ability of the singer to sound front and center in the music, without losing the general feel of the production for the decade.

It’s a nice combination of both modern alternative pop and a nod to the producers and performers that came before. HESS, I’ll Drive, is an excellent example of production at its acme, a lesson in mixing synth, a centered vocal, and a vibrato-soaked guitar. The result is a track that has Michael McDonald jamming with Dead or Alive and George Michael fronting Cutting Crew. I’ll Drive is has a chilled-out dance vibe and the umami of driving down the highway with the top down at the same time. It easily can fit the bill of dance packed room or a dark velvet highway alone.

The track starts off with a few synth chords and a simple bass line to get you started. After the drums kick in you think that’s the song, but there’s evolution to it, including the vibrato guitar that has a rich silky tone. Later still the track adds some back ground hand claps and some muted bells. Accentuated by the synth still, the rest of the instruments comes together like a well-blended chorus, symphonic pop that sounds as one noise so inherently well that it takes work to separate the different sounds. This is crystal clear water though, with little to no turbidity, so you can easily look at the stream as a whole, or stare down deep and reveal the stones, plants and creatures lurking below. Kudos to the production team at Baby Robot Records.

Built for any speaker or streaming service, I’ll Drive is ready at maximum volume on your home speaker or car stereo. The lower end of an FM station would also work well with this mix and the tender falsetto vocals mixed in creates a technical balance and is very easy to listen to. There is a mix of influences from the vocals, from Paul Simon to Prince, but it's not a cheap rip off, but rather a unique voice that happens to sound familiar. The phrasing is short and simple with matching lyrics to only add to the song and not necessarily create it. It’s a good thing and lends to the sound in way that popular music does. Matching usefulness with lyrics that can be sung aloud.

This is a track that’s ready to catch fire. If it doesn’t it could easily be the next track HESS puts together. There’s a lot to unpack in this song but it fits rather seamlessly together for a harmonious and pleasant experience. If it’s meant to meld sounds and crowds then I’ll Drive is success already. Listen Now

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