Emerging Artist Natalie Shay

>> Natalie Shay is an 19 year old multi award-winning, indie pop/rock artist from North London. One of London’s hottest emerging talents, this young artist already has an impressive array of awards, including London's 'Best Undiscovered Talent', The Guardian's Music Award Winner, and two time winner of Mayor of London Gigs. Her debut single "Follow You Home" was number 15 in the iTunes singer/songwriter chart! This talented woman won't stop! Shay's fusion of indie-pop and live instrumentation is beautiful and mesmerizing! Her latest single, "This Feeling" is about the excitement of young love and desire for someone. Check out our chat with her below!

What was it like being surrounded by your future industry competition every day while you attended the BRIT School?

I suppose it’s a mixture of things. You feel a lot of pressure to succeed and often forget there’s room for more than one new musician in the industry and it’s not really a race or competition to success. It's also very inspiring, you meet a whole range of new and interesting people, many of which have shaped me and taught me a lot.

You started your career at such a young age. What’s something cringe-worthy you look back on from your early years?

I got a set of stickers printed when I was 12/13 with just my face on and stuck one on my guitar.

You’ve said that the majority of the music you listen to is sung by males, is there any particular reason?

It’s more about the genre, I feel there aren't many women in indie rock/pop, females I listen to are Haim, Fickle Friends, and Anteros. It’s a very male-dominated genre and I hope we can change that.

Regardless of subject matter, your songs always seem so genuinely impassioned, are there other ways you let off steam besides through your music?

I suppose, I love musical theatre when I need a release. Besides writing a song, I sing through a playlist of my favourite solo musical theatre songs I made on YouTube karaoke.

Fact or fiction: “And They Stare” is a ruthless exposé of some jackass who has a fundamental lack of respect for women.