Music Video Premier: The Dirty Pennies - "Waste Away"

>>"Waste Away" is the latest toe-tapping explosive single in The Dirty Pennies arsenal of raw and energetic riff-fueled rock tunes. 


Following-up this year's earlier releases, "I'm Your Man" & "Love Ain't Free" - "Waste Away" thrusts the listener into themes of attention deficit, cynicism, and apathetic viewpoints influenced by the obsession and disdain for social media that divides and drives our narcissistic society deeper into oblivion.

To accompany the song, the band teamed up with our very own Krit Upra to direct and film a story driven music video with the help of Luca's brother Chuck (the antagonist) and his crew of hell raising bikers from the Lowborn Garage right here in Rochester, New York. All three singles were recorded, mixed and mastered at Wicked Squid Studios, another key player in the music scene of Rochester and beyond. 


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