Music Video Spotlight: Humble Braggers - "Better"

>>Humble braggers – the four-piece synth-driven pop outfit from Buffalo, NY have delivered on their latest track titled “Better”. Embodying the essence of 80’s pop while adding their own twist, Humble Braggers have created their own unique style that keeps them climbing higher.

The group's sound features a wall of chorus-pushed-waves filled with a wash of reverb vocals that put the mind into a trance. They top it off with a splash of a drive from the bass and guitar to keep their signature upbeat motion. The group has made great strides over the years with their numerous singles and EP’s and it has paid off; you can find them sharing the stage with big names such as Joywave, Metric, and The Naked and Famous.

photo by: Greg McClure

The band's music video captures the essence of a signature backyard party in Buffalo. We have all experienced this lifestyle of tailgates and day parties to some extent, but eventually realize we are “Better” than this young and reckless attitude. There is no need to put yourself where you don’t feel true to yourself. Following the crowd has become overrated and overplayed. “Barreling down a road I can't see”. Could this be a sign of lack of control or the realization that change is inevitable?<<