Music Video Spotlight: Saint Free - 'Blinko'

Photo by: Krit Upra

>>Bradley Freedman, known on stage as “Saint Free,” has turned into a local powerhouse with the ability to collide genres in unexpected ways! The Rochester native is backed by an array of musicians that seem to hold no boundaries when it comes to exploring and experimenting with him by shaping a sound from the influences of rock, pop, and reggae. While some musicians lose authenticity and energy over time, Saint Free has been releasing a new and exciting variation of tracks since early 2019

Saint Free’s sound is intoxicating; Freedman’s gritty vocals create a slap and punch effect on their tracks. In addition to their unique sound, Freedman’s tracks are backed with solid lyrics and storytelling; he is not afraid to speak his mind through song and stays true to how he feels. This authentic storytelling is showcased in their latest music video for the track “Blinko” off of their new album, “Tussio,” which dropped on August 6th, 2021.

Just over a minute long, this emotionally-fueled, gut-punching track digs deep with one's inner self, exploring the idea that you must stand up for what you believe in and throw the first punch if you want to see something change. “Blinko” captures the all-too-familiar feeling that follows the classic weeklong grind, where the week is over in a blink of a eye before you are able to accomplish or change anything. Freedman expresses “I hate not feeling like I'm good enough; motivation lacking” leading to the conclusion that we “need to change up something cause come Friday there's always a borderline nervous breakdown”.

The music video for this track captures Bradley battling his inner demons in a dreadful greyscale tone. Quickly after he is shown smiling and sipping a beer, a circle of opponents tighten around him. While the group repeatedly tries to knock him down, he screams out the lyrics that ring true with many of us. In this black and white video, the grey fills his eyes with sadness revealing that even those close in our inner circle are sometimes just waiting for us to hit the ground face first. This video brings us to an overwhelming crossroad that challenges us to push the mind and body from a stagnant phase.

Check out the official “Blinko” music video below and stream “Tussio” today on all platforms! <<

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