Musician Spotlight: Introducing the Many Moods and Self-actualization of Saint Free

>>From the first note on Saint Free’s new single “Bond with Bondage,” the personality of frontman Bradley Freedman shines like a bright spotlight. The lead single maintains Freedman’s signature soulful gritty vocals and tongue-in-cheek humor. There’s no hiding his self-expression that weaves effortlessly through his eclecticism in and out of genres, blending cowpunk with rockabilly, while still embracing the weirder side of pop.

Perhaps Freedman summed up his efforts best when he described the single’s styling as

“If Rancid and the Arctic Monkeys got into a bar fight and then made up by smoking a joint with Sublime.”

“Bond with Bondage” is set to appear on Freedman’s upcoming debut album, set to be released this summer. The charm of the lead single is a playful and humorous one, with a private voyeuristic look into Freedman’s self-deprecation. Even if we don’t know if the story is true or not, Freedman’s soulful voice is endearing and the insight goes beyond. It starts with some clean open chords drenched in reverb, but spirals quickly with some heavy overdrive. This lasts over Freedman’s falsetto in the chorus, a quick and wispy vocal melody that’s enticing and makes you want to sing along with him.

Freedman grew up knowing that he wanted to be a musician. As a kid, he would watch his uncle play music, but at the time he was never allowed to get too close to the equipment as a precaution. As he aged, his older cousin ended up playing music too and had a guitar and drums at his house. He was finally allowed to strap the guitar around his neck and feel the power that came from it, as he was hooked.

After playing in a few bands, Freedman began his solo project Saint Free, an aptly name that wears its inspiration on its sleeve. You can hear the bands Freedman grew up loving, but his approach goes beyond what was popular on the radio. Echoes of the Sadies to the Replacements are heard throughout each track, combining to make his personality and versatility shine, creating an imaginative dynamic.

From the early days of self-recording and hanging with the Demos, Freedman’s sound is maturing and becoming more succinct; free to unleash the musical thoughts and notation roaming around his head. He gets up everyday and writes, getting creative early in his day. His message and attitude are important to him, as well as being a hard worker; he cites Joe Strummer of The Clash as an inspiration. Freedman’s natural personality only takes a turn for the serious when he talks about putting in the work and wanting to keep writing, to get better as a musician.

“Sometimes it just clicks,” Freedman says. “It happens because you put in the work. I have a pure need to get it out. It’s why I get up early, write and listen back. It’s important.”

No doubt, Saint Free will be releasing more music in the future. He has commenced into the world and there is no stopping what’s next. When the pandemic shifts and live music comes back, Freedman will be on the top of the list to see. His vocal range, his genre-hopping ideas, and enigmatic approach to his music, will keep the spotlight shining bright on a musician who’s only just begun. <<

“Bond with Bondage” is available now. Stream the new single below.