New Music Friday — Add Some Music to Your Day

With so much music that was released throughout the week, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what to listen to. We assembled a list of some of the best releases to make things easier for you. From Of Montreal's explorative double album to Ron Gallo sprinkling worrisome observations, here are some of the best releases of the week.

Sybaritic Peer / New West Records

Of Montreal — I Feel Safe with You, Trash [Sybaritic Peer]

Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes surprised us last month when he announced a new self-released double album by already releasing the album's A-side on his patreon and four tracks on his Bandcamp. His latest, I Feel Safe with You, Trash, is an ambitious and spiraling brew of blissful melodies and blooming soundscapes that dip back into Of Montreal's signature psychedelic pop style. The title track blends dreamy keyboards with jangly guitars, creating a sound with stylistic twists of noise pop and post-punk. The disco-flaring and spacey "Fingerless GLOves" is ethereal with its springy synths and tinges of Hunky Dory-era Bowie. This project is filled with juxtaposition of loud and soft sounds, drenched in spacious instrumentals that include eerie tape loops and effects that are reminiscent of shoegaze. Even if it sprawls in all directions and at times sounds unfocused, there's a sign of vulnerability to this album, that makes for one of Barnes' most refreshing and interesting projects to date.

Stream the new album here.

Ron Gallo — PEACEMEAL [New West Records]

The Philly-born, but now Nashville-based artist Ron Gallo just dropped his third album PEACEMEAL. His latest effort was recorded remotely during three months of self-isolation with his wife and collaborator Chiara D'Anzieri, aka Chickpee and features additional production and mixing from Ben H. Allen (Deerhunter, Gnarls Barkley). During these troubling times, Gallo brings a sense of humor and self-embracement to his feel-good music, exiting from the noisy garage rock that was present on his first two releases. He immerses in an optimistic and colorful pop aesthetic that wash down the troublesome lyricism and worrisome observations. Gallo splashes across various genres, flirting with '80s-styled synth-pop and '90s R&B and hip hop. These stylings blend the best on the extremely universal "A PLATE IN MY HONOR," which combines all of Gallo's strengths with its shuffling groove and shimmering soundscapes that seek out real connections post-pandemic. The eccentric "Easter Island" wanders in to the realm of hip hop with its spoken-word poetry and off-kilter backdrop. The charming "HIDE (MYSELF BEHIND YOU)" is breezy with its bouncy avant-pop melody that blends well with the sunny guitar jangle and melancholic sentiment. Like the pandemic, Gallo took a left-turn with his music, all while remaining positive and free during these tough times.

Stream the new album here.

Tobacco — Fucked Up Friends 3 [Rad Cult]

Tobacco, the electronic project of Black Moth Super Rainbow's Thomas Fec, is back with a new studio album called Fucked Up Friends 3, the follow-up to last year's Hot Wet & Sassy and the first sequel to Tobacco's 2008 debut. The album sprawls across quirky and head-bobbing soundscapes that are eclectic, quirky and amusing with their fuzzy and wonky synths and beats. On the highlight, "This Man," Tobacco blends electronica and psychedelia, while managing to keep a dark atmosphere over the busy soundscapes. There's a bit improvisation over the scuzzy and beat juggling "For The Queen" which includes Tobacco's distinct vocodered vocal approach.

Stream the new album here.

Kings of Leon — When You See Yourself [RCA Records]

The seasoned rockers Kings of Leon are back with their long-awaited eighth studio album When You See Yourself. Their latest effort is the band's most experimental and striking record in over a decade, slipping between stark realism and sharp introspection that feels fitting for a band who were once hugely popular. Instead of trying to recapture the commercial power they once held, the band trade out the crowd-pleasing pop-rock anthems for daring rhythms, triumphant guitars licks and of course a more sophisticated and production, which really carries the album's mystifying tone. On the airy standout "Time in Disguise," the band pulls you in with an infectious hook that's paved over the deep and entrancing soundscapes. The band also made their latest effort in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), a type of cryptocurrency, making them the first band to ever do so

Stream the new album here.

1 Trait Danger — 1 Trait Bangers [Matador Records]

The new 1 Trait Danger album is unironically really good. In case you don't know, 1 Trait Danger is Car Seat Headrest's comedic, tongue-in-cheek side project, led by frontman Will Toledo, aka Trait and creative force/drummer Andrew Katz, aka Stoney. On their latest effort, the duo venture through their busy EDM and hip hop-inspired soundscapes, while continuing to name-drop indie scene in-jokes about Pitchfork, Kevin Parker and of course their "nemesis," Matador Records' founder Chris Lombardi. They even run into Grimes on the cut "ROCKET SHIP," where "she" uses her trademark vocoder begging Elon Musk (Toledo) to listen to her latest demo. The highlight and lead single "BACK UP (He's the Man)" is like if Lonely Island impersonated a Twenty One Pilots song, inspired by the angst-ridden rap rock of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park. After all, it's just a joke with a juvenile and satirically-brilliant tone that carries enough MADLO-styled soundscapes and depth to keep fans satisfied until there's another CSH album—they even have a new video game out.

Stream the new album here.

Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats — UNLOCKED 1.5 [Loma Vista Recordings]

Rapper Denzel Curry and producer Kenny Beats have just released their latest project, UNLOCKED 1.5., a remix project of their joint 2020 album UNLOCKED. With the original Curry and Beats trapped in a "cyberspace prison," their replacements give the original album a drastic makeover, enlisting a cast of impressive musicians and producers including: Robert Glasper, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Charlie Heat, Sango, and Jay Versace. Even new verses were added by Joey Bada$$, Benny the Butcher, Smino, Arlo Parks, and Kenny Mason. The songs are still recognizable as the UNLOCKED songs, but they're given a totally different shine that adds something new to an already-great album.

Stream the new album here.

daydream Masi — Movie Scenes EP [Interscope Records]

Akron-based singer-songwriter daydream Masi fuses hip-hop, soul, R&B, and electronica into his lush and bright soundscapes that defy genre boundaries. On his latest effort Movie Scenes EP, Masi explores the layers of love and hope, while pulling from his influences including Childish Gambino and Steve Lacey, especially on the luscious highlight "Rockin and Wavin," which takes a tropical beat and mixes it with a swirl of trippy ambient R&B with a psychedelic twist. From the hard-hitting single "Night Like This" to the hazy slow-burner "Animal Style," Masi showcases his most complete release to date, hinting at a limitless future going forward.

Stream the new album here.

Tigers Jaw — I Won't Care How You Remember Me [Hopeless Records]

The Scranton-based indie rock and emo band Tigers Jaw are back with their anticipated sixth album I Won't Care How You Remember Me, their first for legendary punk label Hopeless Records and since touring members Teddy Roberts (drums) and Colin Gorman (bass) became permanent members. The opening title track begins in an acoustic, folky affair, but then transitions into a powerful and complex apex that's reminiscent of the band's earlier days. Even though the album never reaches this energy again, its tightly-knit group of songs are carried by its songwriting, that look into relationships with truth and clarity. On the synth-soaked power pop track "Cat's Cradle," keyboardist and singer Brianna Collins reminisces on a flamed-out friendship with a vocal styling similar to Rachel Haden of that dog. and the Rentals. Much of the album are strolls through familiar territory for the band, but there's a level of direct quality and maturity to these songs, adding further depth to band with an already-great career.

Stream the new album here.

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