New Music Friday — Coming to You, 1000BPM

With so much music that was released throughout the week, it can be overwhelming and difficult to determine what to listen to. We assembled a list of some of the best releases to make things easier for you. From the Horrors embracing a full-on industrial aesthetic to the timeless debut album by Spiritual Mafia, here are some of the best releases of the week.

Caroline International / Anti Fade Records

The Horrors — Lout [Wolf Tone/Caroline International]

The Horrors are back with their first release in nearly four years. The three-track EP Lout follows the British band's last album V in 2017 and synthesist Tom Furse's deep-listening solo album, Ecstatic Meditations from earlier this year. Lout shows the band drawing away from their goth rock and dream pop styling and embracing more adventurous electronic elements and a mad array of effects. From the shattering mid-tempo "Whiplash" to the vrooming '90s-styled dance-metal on the hard-hitting title track, Lout is the heaviest material the Horrors have ever made and signals to an even greater project.

Stream the new EP here.

Spiritual Mafia — Alfresco [Anti Fade Records]

Made up of members from fellow Melbourne underground bands including Cuntz, Exek, Ausmuteants and Spray Paint, the post-punk quintet Spiritual Mafia dig deep into the their primitive post-punk soundscapes on their muscular debut album Alfresco. With members spread across the far reaches of Australia, the quintet still somehow managed to re-establish themselves with a new project during a global pandemic. And with live music back in Australia, the time couldn't be any better, with a much-needed craving for such a lively music scene. The debut album is filled with an array of catchy, plainspoken post-punk that fuses motorik rhythms with a cosmic array of synths along with some nods to the Stooges and The Fall. The lead single "Body" is drenched with a noisy, claustrophobic chug of tightly-coiled guitar riffs, while Poolside" is accompanied with a catchy melody and jagged guitar pattern that slithers through a scuzzy post-punk soundscape that hits all directions. The chaotic closer "Bath Boy" is intensely built with a hypnotic bassline and r