Single Premiere: Tedadore Lays Down a Steady, Stomping Pace on "Until My Feet Stop"

The first single off Tedadore's upcoming EP Circumstantial Confidence is a shiny, quick tempo love song that oozes the warm and fuzzy feelings we all get when falling in love.

Photo provided by Ted Hartog

When Ted Hartog isn't busy with his versatile quartet Miki Fiki, he records music under the moniker Tedadore. While bringing in certain elements from his band, the Nashville-based musician's solo project is surely stylistically different. His sound is a dreamy blend of silky production paired with a spaced out, synth-soaked backdrop along with a mellow lyrical delivery—one that's reminiscent of Dayglow and Still Woozy.

Following up last year's sunny EP Cooped Up, Hartog prepares for his upcoming EP Circumstantial Confidence, out June 25, with its lead single "Until My Feet Stop"—a track that trades out the mellow haze for percussive urgency. The sunny and hook-laden single is accompanied with a tightly-zipped rhythm and a dizzying and infectious singalong chorus. From its glossy psychedelic patterns, punchy production and playful mood, there's a lot to adore about this single.

The lead single focuses on the feelings we have all experienced when we have a special person in our mind. Its lyrical content is a bit comical, especially when Hartog sings about meeting the dad of his love interest, which fits right in with its sunny indie pop style. "Until My Feet Stop" is an energetic and reluctant love song that brings out the strengths of Hartog's writing and vocal abilities.

Tedadore's forthcoming EP is out June 25. Stream the new single below.