Single Premiere: Young Ritual Comes Through on the Raw and Melancholic Double Single 'A/B'

The Flint-based singer-songwriter Dylan Grantham, aka Young Ritual, is unquestionably a folk artist. Growing up in the Midwest, the singer-songwriter already has a steady output of raw and confessional material and his new double single A/B takes the same shape.

Photo by Kris Herrmann

Last month, singer-songwriter Dylan Grantham, aka Young Ritual, challenged himself everyday to write a song. Clearly this commitment paid off, now with the release of his new double single A/B, which features two of his most introspective work yet.

Growing up in a very music-centric family, Grantham is inspired by legends like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Randy Newman. After attending a Death Cab for Cutie concert in the mid-2010s, Grantham knew he wanted to follow in a similar musical direction and quickly started releasing music under the moniker Young Ritual.

Recorded during the pandemic, Grantham's double single A/B is seven-minutes of two different approaches with similar themes. The piano-driven "Peace of Mind" offers warm and thick production, whereas the B-side "Sondheim & David" is driven by its strumming acoustic tone. Lyrically, the two moody and winter-themed singles yearn nostalgia of the pre-pandemic world and reflect on the work Grantham has released over the past year.

The bucolic ambient "Peace of Mind" is a chill-inducing piano-driven ballad that takes different forms. Its rhythm and distance between notes played on the keys gives the track a considerable atmosphere from the start. Over the ghostly instrumental, Grantham offers a whispery vocal delivery with an extremely powerful melody that really sticks the landing. Its gloomy, yet uplifting chorus makes the relatively short track easy to stick in your ear to rack up subsequent plays. Its B-side "Sondheim & David" is an intimate, acoustic folk tune with Grantham's vocals at the front of the mix. Halfway through the song, the simple strumming pattern becomes spacey with its twangy electric guitars and tense vocal approach from Grantham.

A/B is an up-close and personal release that's a solid introduction to the twisted folk stylings of Young Ritual and shows why he's one of the genre's most dynamic up-and-coming artists.

Stream Young Ritual's new double single below.