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Single Review: Cusp Throw Everything at the Wall on "Spill"

Dadstache Records

The new Rochester-based quartet Cusp are set to release their debut EP Spill this May via Dadstache Records. Today, they have unveiled the EP's title track—a rapid-fire of off-kilter time signatures and fuzzed-out guitars that slither around a dissonant melody.

Cusp is a new band that features members of Full Body 2 (fka Full Body) and Rut. Their makeup consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Jen Bender, guitarist Gaelen Bates who also created the cover art for their new release, bassist Cassidy Rose Hammond and drummer Dylan Vaisey, who also doubled as mixer. The versatile quartet are set to release their debut EP Spill on Dadstache Records on May 7 and have shared with us its energetic and raw opening title tracka fantastic introduction to the band's thick post-rock soundscapes with an intensely introspective space.

"Spill" was recorded in several cities across New York State, in a variety of bedrooms and basements over the many months of 2020. According to Bender, the lead single is about a sense of anxiety that lingers in the background of our everyday lives, but also with a sense of hopefulness. "The lyrics allude to looking over one's shoulder and into rearview mirrors for something terrible to appear, but offer reminders that these fears are often exaggerated by our own nerves," Bender said. "The chorus grapples with the idea that their anxiousness may be just as much a product of their outer world as their inner one."

"Spill" begins with a lonely dissonant riff that's soon sculpted with unrelenting precision from the single's thick and heavy backdrop. The continuous riff shifts between two linesone containing the imbalance of a stray half-step in the melody, the second being more grounded with notes that feel natural. This back-and-forth exchange carries the unsteady backdrop that's perfectly paired with Bender's shaky and monotone vocals that touch upon many insecurities and internal thoughts that plague us all. The verse builds from a mellow dissonance to an irregular song structure with its knack of distorted, fuzzed out guitars and off-kilter melodies that's reminiscent to the post-hardcore boom of the early-aughts that's warped with spiky and clattering post-punk.

Cusp's music delights in pulling the rug out from under you with their twists and turns of their entrancing soundscapes that are filled with melodic post-hardcore guitars and fuzz-pop dripping melodies. Their crushing and direct sound is a reminder that everyone should get excited to see what else they have to offer.

Cusp's forthcoming EP is out via Dadstache Records May 7. Stream the new single below.

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