Single Review: Ditchbird Indulges in Melodic Warmth on "Be Good to Yourself"

Ahead of his forthcoming album, the Duluth-based musician Tony Petersen, aka Ditchbird, immerses in a burst of energy that's packed with sharp hooks and a warm melodic sweetness on his latest single "Be Good to Yourself."


Best known as the guitarist for the indie rock band Social Animals, Tony Petersen has been spending his lockdown exploring his own songwriting and embarking onto his solo career under the moniker Ditchbird. Unearthing a pile of songs he's written over the years, Petersen has been building up the release of his forthcoming debut album Real Enough For You Now, out April 23, already unveiling now three singles. Ditchbird shines with his warm and inviting storytelling that's best explored through his eclectic lens of swooning folk rock and confessional heartland rock. He also likes to flirt with experimentation much like his influences (Scott Walker, Bruce Springsteen, Jason Isbell) and lurks behind some of the best pop music to come out of the '70s and '80s.

Following the gentle "In It Together" and twangy "Real Enough for You Now," Ditchbird's latest single "Be Good to Yourself" blends his soft-hearted side with stomping guitar tones, bringing out an emotive and meditative folk rock charm. According to Petersen, the single was written about the slow dissolution of a partnership, harboring no resentment or anger, and simply wishing that person a fond farewell.

"Sometimes we are overly hard on ourselves, wishing we were someone, somewhere else, and this song was my way of saying 'allow yourself to get out of your own way and stop overthinking,'" Petersen said in a statement. "The duality of the message seemed poignant during this year of quarantine and isolation. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break, if and when you can."

Ditchbird's forthcoming album Real Enough For You Now is out April 23. Stream the new single below.