Single Review: Forrest Green Keeps the Rock 'n' Roll Flame Alive on "Silent Star"

After being a member of the Rochester underground rock scene for a decade, singer-songwriter Forrest Green dives into a retro rock style with a melding tone and a nod to the proto-punk pantheon.


After releasing his debut single "Channel 21" back in February, the Rochester-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Forrest Green is back with a new single called "Silent Star." Compared to Green's previous work, especially the hardcore punk band Beastman, the new single is brighter and more polished. Mixed with Sam Snyder, aka Overhand Sam, the single also features bassist Sean Donnelly (Jessica Genius, Joywave), drummer Aaron Mika (Beastman, Anamon), guitarist Anthony LaLena and Abe Nouri on the Rhodes piano. According to a statement, Green wanted to maintain the core identity of his songwriting while pushing the limits and bringing in elements of what he's truly inspired by.

"Overall, I felt a certain way about a person's inability to understand another person's past or how they grew up," Green said. "During the last couple years of living in Rochester, I felt such issues resonate within the music scene and this new single is kind of like 'Yo, you don't what I come from!' type of song... the feeling that you'd rather take it to your grave than try to convince someone to be understanding."

Between the tripped out lashings of fuzz, the cruising solo driven bridge and Green's quirky sensibilities, "Silent Star" is a highly infectious rock 'n' roll number that recalls mid-career Velvet Underground, the Stooges and Armand Schaubroeck Steals—an ambivalent ode to rock 'n' roll that's as playful as it is aggressive. The single begins with a jangly, lo-fi guitar that contorts the decade-old traditions that Green's influences embody. The chorus takes the tone down to a soft spoken hook, where lyrically Green supplements his reinvention as the once titular silent star.

"I suppose this song was the foundation for the session I tracked with Sam [Snyder]," Green said. "I believe this session will set the scene of what's to come next with my musicianship and songwriting. I don't know exactly what that entails, but I'm trying to find out."

Green will be releasing two more singles throughout the year. Stream the latest single below.