Single Review: Jacqueline Hackett Infuses a Distinct Country Sensibility on Sprawling Debut Single

The 22-year old New York City based singer-songwriter Jacqueline Hackett explores the hang-ups we have in life about other people on her crisp and sweeping alt country debut single "The Rest of the World Could See."

Tommy Boy

Jacqueline Hackett's confessionary and soft-hearted lyrical approach on her debut single reveals her bruised emotions like an open-book. However, her tone shows more of a mature and triumphant reflection towards her development from her account of vulnerability and heartbreak.

On "The Rest of the World Could See," Hackett embraces the classic soundscapes of country instrumentation that's intimately produced and carefully performed. Her smooth vocal delivery flourishes over the gorgeous instrumentation that generates a steady forward motion amongst the haze, really letting you soak in the vast scope of sounds she and her backing band brings, whether its the punchy snare, acoustic piano or the fiery lap-steel guitar passage.

Hackett's lyrics tell an account of how someone she once felt a great deal for is now equivalent to a complete stranger—"We're strangers now / It's just the way it's supposed to go." The raw and direct single is a slow-burning testament to the all-encompassing feeling of being haunted by the past, bur when the memories come back in full force, Hackett exhibits a fearless expression that she's moved on.

Stream the new single below.