Single Review: Jimso Slim gets Spacey on "I Saw You"

Following a handful of one-off singles, Rochester-based singer-songwriter Shane Joyce, aka Jimso Slim, launches into a fuzzy psychedelic swirl that feels climatic and refreshing on his latest single "I Saw You."

Shane Joyce first began recording music while attending college at Alfred State in 2016. There, he began rolling out music with his friend James Jacobik under the name Thin Joe Greene. Even though Joyce still records with Jacobik, he began his solo career under the moniker Jimso Slim after moving back to Rochester during summer of 2019. During this time, he convinced his other friend Jakeb Wilczewski to learn drums for another project he maintains called Wired Landline. By balancing these projects, Joyce treats playing music like a job and has independently released two solo albums, an EP and a batch of singles all in the last couple years and during a pandemic. Now with a brand new single and upcoming album, Joyce shows no signs of slowing down.

On his latest single, "I Saw You," Joyce brings a sweet melancholy vibe that effortlessly blends with the synthetic textures and layers of acoustics that are gorgeous and laconic—it's a slow-burning and glowing airy take on '60s psychedelic folk. His nasally and magniloquent tone is more apparent than it ever has been—it's like a cross between Bob Dylan's croon and Dan Bejar's breezy vocal style.

According to Joyce, this track was written in early March right before the coronavirus outbreak. Joyce felt cramped and uncertain in his freezing apartment, but looked to recording more music as a notion of escapism.

"I was living in a freezing cold apartment in the city and the weather was just starting to change which was a relief," Joyce reflects on the recording of his latest single. "At the time, I was just trying to write something different than what I was used to. I was listening to a lot of Good Morning which inspired the chords."

On April 1, Joyce will release a new 10-track acoustic album, that's his most stripped down yet. According to Joyce, it will be largely an acoustic affair that explores folk music textures with a tinge of country.

Stream the latest single below.