Single Review: The Recall Adds a Familiar, Comforting Touch on the Smooth "can you hear me"

After releasing their impressive four-track EP last year, the Rochester-based jazz septet The Recall are back with a new single that's a fusion of jazz musicianship and indie pop tunefulness.

Photo provided by The Recall
Llama Sounds

Made up of college students who attend the University of Rochester, the musical collective The Recall are back with a new single called "can you hear me." The new single synthesizes a plethora of strong influences and delicately balances its musicianship between the glistening smooth jazz that underlays vocalist Grace Conheady's delicate-yet-powerful vocal delivery. The moody single also elicits vulnerability and introspection with its pure, but complex sounds.

Produced by Tom Mariano of Dream Float, the single was originally written out of a desire from keyboardist Alexa Silverman and guitarist Beau Hanson to write a song accompanied with lyrics.

"We had recently added a new vocalist to our group [Grace Conheady] and we wanted to create something completely different from what we usually play, which was instrumental jazz fusion," Hanson said. "We messed around with some chords that Alexa had been working on, and I started to syllable out some lyrical ideas with a melody I had been humming. The lyrics describe some of the pain and frustration that comes from relationships, especially with respect to emotional communication. It blossomed from there when Alexa arranged the song for the band and Grace added her own vocal flavors to really bring it to life."

The Recall are playing an outdoor show with singer-songwriter Zophia Dadlez at Jurassic Farms tonight.

Stream the new single below.